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[-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

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I highly recommend people check out the History link, especially those that may have "Grown Up" in Shadowbane. It's very well done. Entertaining and nostalgic, it's definitely worth the read.

Proto was rockin the cute (or at least smooshy-faced) cat sigs a lot during kickstarter.  He's uncharacteristicly a lurker these days... waiting for CF to be more of a game and less of an alpha test.

Let's get this party started.


Any old Winterblades who will be putting time, effort and support into this project, sign here.


Old enemies and allies come say hello or go to hell. Silvermoon, CS/X, SD, CR, etc. this means you.


- Cool

I will be around. However, I may be switching back to archaeology so I so I will probably be out of town a lot, but at least its better than solo bs law that does not pay!

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You tell me if the Winterblades are playing and I'll tell you about Silvermoon. Deal?


I'll go first: yes, Ralcor can't stand for me (or anyone else) to have more killshots than him and therefore will play this game. That being the case, the rest of SM will surely follow.






I posted a link to the play2crush site on the Silvermoon forums but it got no replies.

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