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Kingdom Under Fire II


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"Kingdom Under Fire II is a video game set in a high fantasy setting developed by Blueside which merge real-time strategy (RTS), role-playing game (RPG) and massively multiplayer online (MMO) genres - the game is to have a single player, and online multiplayer mode. The game follows on chronologically from Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, and is the first RTS game set in the Kingdom Under Fire universe to be released since the 2005 Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes.

The game was announced in January 2008, and has been subject to delay and changes to release platforms; A closed beta-test began in December 2011 in South Korea.

In November 2013, the developers announced that a version for the Playstation 4 was in development."

The Chinese version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 entered a no-wipe Closed Beta state in March 2017. In July Taiwanese version entered an Open Beta."



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