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'campaign' Games - Potbs And Wwiiol


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It just occurred to me there is no thread here for World War 2 Online or Pirates of the Burning Sea here.


This is kind of important since both these games were 'campaign games' with resets after the victory conditions were met.


Both of these games were also PvP (Although in PotBS you could avoid the PvP completely if you tried)


So experience in both these games could be important here since it looks like Crowfall will also be a campaign driven game - not the same as the other two but it will have world resets?


So, who here played one or both of these games?


Thoughts on Crowfall so far?


Edit: Thread title should be "PotBS and WWIIoL"  - stupid editor.  Stop changing the caps.

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I am Gyrus from WWIIoL.


Joined in Campaign 19 and a long time member of the 101st Abn and the 1775th RDF (when i played axis).
Now have a free rifle account (Gyruss) which is also the name of an old arcade game.


Some of you may remember the Gyrus emote?

(I used to tell new squaddies that you could emote other players names...LOL)



In PotBS I was Guy Russon.  I was active in the Dev forums more than a year before release.  Argued about 'night flips' before anyone even considered them.  Suggested the possibility of 'speedboats / chaseboats' more than a year before release.  Also argued with thee fanbois that the Port Battle system did NOT assure game balance.

Was an 'Aussie Ambassador' for a year then moved to Antigua.  Ported Characters from Bigpond to SOE  to Portalus but haven't ever played under Potalus.

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