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[-W-] Winterblades

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[You can view the original Winterblades thread HERE. ~ Pann] Winterblades is re-opening recruitment for Crowfall launch on July 6!  After almost six years of playing the Crowfall alpha we a

Some recent Winterblades videos: And a handy map of the current campaign: Membership has its privileges:

Good fight last night, Winterblades! You guys are geared to the teeth, and tough to take down. I thought we did pretty well considering we're casual compared to the other big guilds. In the video I wa

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After 5+ years of testing the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta milestones of Crowfall, we are taking the knowledge and amazing playerbase into the launch of Crowfall!  Winterblades will be at full force to launch, and we can't wait to see what this throne-war MMO brings!  



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