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Pledge question

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Hey guys. Before I pledge or go for a Layaway, what is the best pledge to get for someone new to this game. Not looking to spend $500 if I don't have to. But does the experience change or do the pledges at higher levels make the game somewhat easier.

Thanks in advance

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The $69 bundle gives you the basic CF game, current testing access, and 1 month of VIP subscription. The VIP is worth it for the first month at least as it gives you more race/class/profession training options plus other perks like 30 day skill queue. 

If you decide later you want to purchase parcels or buildings for your EK (and don't want to craft them) you can even buy those individually. DO NOT CONSUME your bundle now (breaks it down into the components) - you don't need to for testing access and there may be upgrades available. Email support@crowfall.com for any specific questions about your account.


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