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Shoutout to Support

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So I felt the need to post this after experiencing a staggering difference when dealing with another mmo Support and Crowfall Support in the same week

Crowfall took my issue, suggested an alternative solution (which was a clever workaround) which helped me out and got me buying, supporting and into the community within the hour.

I was super impressed and I loved the fact it felt like they cared. They wanted to help and it made me glow for hours.

It's clever because the support I received made me want to give back, get involved and for the first time since Warhammer AOK, I've come back to forums :)


Support Teams, keep being human.

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22 minutes ago, ACE_Jackal said:

Thank you so much for the shoutout, @Farske! Gordon, Pann, and I work really hard to be on top of support tickets, and it's always awesome to hear you guys appreciate it.

This made my day!

How come you never answer my support emails? Jerk!

"Float like a Butterfly.... Sting like a Misplaced Decimal Point" - Xarrayne 2018

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I completely agree with the OP. We like to complain about this or that issue with the 'game', but I think everyone universally has the same high opinion of ACE's support and the people who are behind the scenes as being excellent. Which now that I write it, is not even accurate as we know who they are, it is personal really - they aren't behind the scenes as much as setting the scene. They have done more to give CF it's good reputation than anyone else perhaps, and it's important we give them their props now and then.

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From the beginning and up to now, Art+Craft Enterntainment provides - beyond any doubt - the very best Customer Service i ever had the pleasure to deal with within in the last two decades. It even gets more extraordinary, knowing that those are the people who are really making the game AND, above that, that they are nevertheless taking the time, to interact with their community this way.

History will have to judge if they will be able to contain this level of customer support after release; especially if local providers around the world will find a way to get at least near to this extraordinary support. It is unlikely. It's possible. We'll have to see. And to prepare for each case.

I'd like to warn about expecting too much from the future. I'd also like to warn about forgetting what ACE had done. Given and taken, passion always foster passion. That much is clear. Let's see were passion leads us.

Edited by Kraahk

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Gonna pile on myself here, had issues where I had purchased multiple accounts/ package levels in multiple years on one email acct. Support (mostly Gordon) got me sorted and online even after I had attempted to fix it myself by "gifting" my purchases to myself creating an even bigger mess. Good support is rare, fantastic support is unheard of these days. I sincerely appreciate it.

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I am also one of those that went from just being gifted a game, receiving the best gawd dum support of any service/game ever!  Then I was like hell... they earned it so I upgraded my package!  Your support team is winning at life!

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