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Shoutout to Support

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I had an ongoing problem last year when the website kept dropping out my backer status on a daily basis.

I had many ongoing conversations with Pann over about a week where she would fix the problem only to have it recur again the following day.

ACE patched in a fix and I messaged Pann to tell her that everything was fine and she actually said to me 'I was thinking about you on the way to work today relating to this fix' - I have never encountered that from any CS in the games I've played over the last 20+ years. The dedication of this team is second to none and that one simple statement left me with a lot of respect for her


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Worth a ~1 month Necro just to point out again...

Support has been absolutely amazing.  I've sent numerous bugs, issues, etc in and every single time not only has my issue been addressed, but often times in a fashion that could only be considered "above and beyond" what would normally be expected.

Seriously... Kudos guys and gals.  The attentiveness and actions of the support for this game, especially given it's Pre-Alpha state are far and above what I would have ever expected.


Chapter Leader


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