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14 hours ago, Yoink said:

Centaurs no longer have a run speed advantage in combat?

Minotaur racial ability bloodthirst is better than the myrimdon bezerk. Intended?

this. I think monster races should get more unique powers but some disadvantages in some aspects.

for example pigs - can burrow but very low basic HP and HP gain

centaurs - fast move speed (+10% combat and + 20% out of combat). not the hell second pair of shoes. but less A/D speed (left side/right side move speed, also slower turn back)

minotaur should be monster. big, fat and scary. not dexterity piece of glass. ok, if not fat (bonus to HP), then faster attack speed or something. OR even mega unique things like possibility to use very heavy weapons which regular races cant equip. and copy past berserker isnt good idea coz it is share cooldowns with berserker. may be this skill should increase duration of berserker if player take this race with myrmidon class? else this is berserker for all but another nerf to classic myrmidon (like wood elf + ranger = ranger with teleport, seriously. unkillable piece of ). they can add raging to bloodline - attack speed increased from striking bleeding target. on the bad side this class can be slower, bad with magic or even unable to use it or they can get less healing from every healing spells.

procs/cons in action. and we get - glass cannon with stealth, fast move speed + rear kick pony, big fat and slow tank who rage over time to get stronger but if failed - cant get overheal from team.

human-based races can be move utility like more skills to use, more panels, with slightly highlighted procs but without cons


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Nice comments.  The way I would see it:

- single race/species groups/guilds would have advantages balanced by disadvantages, with the balance being affected by the extent to which they cooperate as a group.  Skilled and cooperative single race/species groups should be competitive, but like rock/scissors/paper, the edge provided each could be mitigated by another well-played single race/species group/guild

- ARAC (any race/class) groups/guilds would have less vulnerabilities and weaknesses, assuming they were built with those combinations.  But they would not be able to reach the pinnacle of effectiveness of a well-played single race/species group in doing certain specific things

The analogy I am looking for is how, in most MMO's, you can level using dropped equipment, and can get near the top by accumulating raid gear.  But the best gear is always crafted.  In other words, if a bunch of players put in the time and work to build the cooperation needed to run a single race/species group/guild, they should be rewarded. 

In current reality, in almost every MMORPG single race/species groups and guilds not only don't get rewarded, they get penalized.  It is no wonder that people begin to ignore the character graphics and lore, if it not only makes little difference whether you play elf, orc or human, but the real rewards only come with a number-crunching ARAC approach.

Glad to see Crowfall is headed in a new direction. 

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