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Beta 9 access?


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About 5 mins before soft-launch, most likely.


We're still in pre-alpha, but the following backer levels have access:


The following were added because of a promise made during the kickstarter:


The following levels do not yet have access and may not until actual beta testing starts:

beta3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9.


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14 hours ago, Skari2603 said:

So I became a notice that I would have Beta 9 Access. When will it be?
thanks in advance.


On average a new test level access were added about every 3 to 4 month. Beta-2 access has been opened up about 5 months ago. Beta-3 is the last "buyable" test level. We are currently waiting for pre-alpha 5.3 to be published very soon, which includes the race/class split and the graphics overhaul. The next - and maybe (one of) the last - pre-alpha development stage is expected to inlude the secondary game systems, like guild support, mounts and such. If i had to guess, i'd say that it is likely that beta-3 will get access somwhen around this time. 

The "free" access levels will surely only get access, after the full game loop can be experienced. And i cannot really imagine this happening this year. Currently I'd place my bet on something like march 2018 for beta 6 to 9.

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22 minutes ago, Skari2603 said:

Is there much content to do right now? Is it worth to buy?

Right this minute? No. 

Most are waiting on the next large patch (5.3) to drop so the testing population is quite low right now. 

When 5.3 launches that is a great time to try the game out again. Not only will there be lots of new content to test thus a higher player population it will also include a full wipe so everyone will be starting over and you won't be behind veteran players.

5.3 is due to launch any day now. ACE is trying to fix the last few game breaking bugs before putting 5.3 on the test server. Then 5.3 will be on test for a few weeks before it goes to live. Best guess you'd want to wait another month or so until 5.3 hits the live servers. 

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