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Talking while Running

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So in MMORPGs there is a lot of running.  We all know this fact.  But it does deserve extra mentions....a lot of running.  Painfully excessive amounts of running.  Like the amount of running that when you die and you start calculating stuff like how much time you spent with family, friends, worship, and sleep you also realize that you spent a ton of time in MMORPGs running.  Yep - that much.


Sooooooo.....we are all going to create a macro to autorun if the devs don't make it native and if we do then we can't talk/chat/type while running.  That sucks.  I like to chat.  More specifically I like to type in the chat window.  Problem is...I can't do that while I'm running or harvesting.  


I think this needs saying every so often.


The CreepLord hath Remindedeth You

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There is an auto run in now but any UI usages turns it off.  

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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I agree that opening chat/inventory or anything else making your character stop even if you were auto-running previously is annoying and I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible BUT I hope that at the same time spirit banking will be made to be possible only in safe areas. If we're about to allow people to spirit bank while running it would kill most of the ganking aspect of the game.

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I can see an argument that Inventory use stops you running, especially when you are trying to spirit bank your goodies, else where is the risk/reward, but it would be a pain to have to return to temple just to pull out a spare weapon, or another crafting tool, especially if you are in a small crafting group.  Would having Spirit Bank only available from Chests in Fort/Keep be workable ? But then I have always thought potion use while running was highly dubious (and not just the spillage factor!) but more the rummage around in your bag looking for the right one, especially when its at the bottom of the bag, underneath a pile of rocks and a few dozen logs. Always liked potion belts allowing you to slot a restricted amount of potions.

There may be an argument (from the ganker!) that calling for help across a whole zone is immersion breaking, but we already have the ability to mystically converse across regions so I'm all in favor of being able to chat on the run, maybe restricted to group only? Plus chatting while running already has its built in penalty of running into enemy camps, trees, off cliffs :)

Weapon / armour switching would be cool if, while doing it in motion, you had to drop the one you are switching out. It's 'realistic' that you should be able to drop your bow and pull 2 swords out of their scabbards, but fastening up the bow neatly to your back while running and jumping .... but then ground drop code would be an issue for the devs.

And I guess that would be the limiting factor in all the above scenarios, whats easy to code and what are the knock on effects.

Good Hunting.


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Let's get on the ACE!  I won't make the mistake of saying this would be easy to implement.  It is probably really hard.  That said, it would be used by a ton of people (yes, even with the existence of Discord) and would be a very welcomed quality of life improvement.

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Second and thirded on typing while running. Definitely needs to be a thing. Organizing while moving to an objective is key...I get not being able to run and execute other tasks, that makes logical sense, but chatting needs to be implemented.


I'm sure this is something being worked on, just making sure we repeatedly say how important it is!



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