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Middle earth: shadow of war


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hi, i just finished shadow of war (after 35hrs in "normal mode") and i can say that this game is very fun to play and was worth the money (got it for 40 euro). The microtransaction-topic which blow up on reddit turned out to be a non-issue to me because i never felt forced to buy any lootboxes to progress faster or getting gated behind a paywall. All in all a good game, especially for lord of the rings fans ! (the lore deviations which are needed for the game aren't that bad^^) Now i try the "difficult mode"!

But don't buy the game on steam it is a little overpriced with 60 euro there. I bought my steamkey on kinguin for 40 euro and got it instantly via email.



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One Ring to Rule them all, One Ring to Find them, One Ring to bring them all an in the darkness and bind them.

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