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Community Skirmishes 28th of October


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Hey everyone, we are trying to make it a regular thing that we each week do some community skirmishes.
We want to spark some life into the european community, but US people are welcome as well.

This event will take place Saturday the 28th of October.

We will try and host this every week, in one of our EKs (hosting 24 people max).
Our guild, Caldera will host the event, and we'll make sure everyone that shows up, gets to play.

It starts at 20:00 CEST/CET till 22:00 CEST/CET.
If you're in doubt of your timezone compared to this, use worldtimebuddy.com.

SIGN UP HEREhttps://goo.gl/forms/RNCoaiDSYTPaMdOs2

Everyone is welcome, no matter your experience!

Simple rules

- Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/B25r2nr  - We will use voice communication for the event, if you can't be on discord you can't participate.
- Be on time, preferably 5-10 minutes before, since we only have 24 spots.
- Bring your own gear. (Some people use advanced, some basic, whatever you can afford to lose).
- Do not loot anyone in this practice, if you loot you get kicked.

The event will be streamed by multiple people:
Yumx(Guild Caldera) - twitch.tv/yumx        Flex player
Drakonil(Guild Caldera) - twitch.tv/drakosgamezone       Flex player
Shadiz(Guild Soultribe) - 
twitch.tv/shadiz_live      Mainly a druid player
Scorn(Guild Winterblades) - twitch.tv/scornoflife  Flex player

Let's have some fun again guys!

Highlights and VODs from last week:
Yumx(Duelist point of view): Video: Multigroup fight! - VOD
Drakonil(Druid point of view): VOD
Tinnis(Druid point of view): Video: Save the guinecean!

My Twitch - My Youtube - Apply to Vanguard HERE!

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9 hours ago, Yumx said:

Friendly headsup, the event is tomorrow evening!
I was setting up some obstacles today in the EK, to spice up the fights a bit :D


Now people have stuff to hide behind while fighting!


Fair warning though, those pieces are going to get torn up fairly quickly :lol: I like the idea though, and you can "repair" them by looting and putting them back down anyway.

I'll (hopefully) see you there, sleep schedule pending!

P.S. Grr Winterblades 🦌


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21 minutes ago, Yumx said:

We tested it yesterday, they didn't seems to take damage, but we'll see, either way it's going to be fun :D

Huh, I guess they changed it - it has been a while since I've done any EK building to be fair - but yeah I love having some LoS to play around; I'm looking forward to it!

P.S. Grr Winterblades 🦌


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Good fun all - about ~18 people turned out, multiple group free for all and then two 'faction' (with 'friendly fire') multi group fighting...


then at the end...


supplying the troops...

a free for all basic bow only [no daggers, no armor, no discs] ranger fight in the middle of the woodland grove forest


After the initial barrage of arrows...


the final three contenders were left...

with @Yumx falling to a pincer attack from the remaining two and then @Isna squaring off against @Shadiz


and finally the winning shot by...



[caldera's resident ranger, @Soulreaver, sadly was not able to attend this week's event!]

Edited by Tinnis
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