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I am Xeen


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I found CF searching online, mmorpg.com most likely.  Always hard to find the best games.  Unlike all the terrible crap steam and facebook (facebook lies) spew out...  I think I came across CF years ago, but I didn't investigate it at the time, so no super early backer for me.

About me: I'm a gamer of over 30 years, prettymuch all types of games (genres and rules included) and every platform up until the Wii.  Strategy and planning are my favorites (Gimme a hex grid and unit details!), but I also like action RPG (Path of Exile) and MMO's too (UO, WoW, Darkfall, SotA for awhile, to name a few).  Not a fan of EVE, didn't play much SWG.  I do a little MOBA once in awhile (used to play LoL, but that community....  I stick to some SC2 mods).

If I'm not competing against a human rival/opponent, then the game is boring.  AI is way too easy to defeat, though the planning part of figuring out ways to beat overwhelming AI was fun... because one player wasn't meant to be able to perform such a feat.  As a level 60, soloing ZG in WoW (all trash, no bosses) was interesting until I had it down to a science.  Same thing with Black Temple trash mobs and a pile of the other lesser dungeons (could usually kill the bosses in those).

Plenty of experience as an alpha tester, tolerance for bugs, and the perception to detect them, at least once I've gotten used to how the game is supposed to be.  Love the thrill of a full loot full world pvp game, pretty cool that the rule can change from one campaign to the next and the whole campaign system/changing worlds with persistent character data.  I have mixed feelings about the passive skill gain system and VIP perks in CF.

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