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Can you be an OpenID Provider?

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Many of us are building websites for our guilds.

What would be incredibly helpful is if the Crowfall website acted as an OpenID Identity Provider.  This way we could have "Login with Crowfall" on our guild pages, and after the OpenID connect protocol completed, we would know for sure which crowfall account the user controls.   Nobody could call themselves "Scree" on my website unless they really were the crowfall "Scree".  See what I mean?  Otherwise there will be impostors, and we would have to resort to tactics like "login to the game and say this magic password to me, that way I know you really do control that crowfall account."

You might already have OpenID setup .. I notice the forums and the main website seem to be served separately, and the forums login seems to do something very much like OpenID to get the login from the main website.   If that is true... all you would need is to allow us to register our applications (websites) returnURLs and to be issued a ClientID, ClientSecret for the website.


PS: The name "Scree" was used in this example without permission from any person with such a name.  Any resemblances to any real crowfall account are not at all coincidental.  Opinions expressed herein are wholy my own and not necessarily the opinions of my employers.

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I think its a great idea, but this would require them to develop an API framework... something they've said won't happen till post-launch.

As an intermediary process, we utilize Discord's oAuth for handling logins. We'll be rolling this out on Malekai.org and elsewhere in near future. Pretty easy to match up the person with that system, assuming you use Discord.

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I completely understand why the game developers shouldn't spend any time building an API right now.   But doesn't ACE have website developers who are not game developers?  Maybe they aren't so swamped.  An API framework that has fingers into the game itself is not reasonable until after launch, but a simple ID check can be done entirely by the website team.

I'd even be willing to write the pseudocode for them, if they wanted, or the actual code if it was a language/framework I'm familiar with.

Turns out that the way the forums authenticate is actually kind of broken.  I had to just now clear my cookies and relogin to get the forums to recognize me. OpenID could fix their forum login too.

As for the discord thing, that verifies their discord name, but doesn't guarantee a match up with the game itself.

BTW: malekai.org... pretty impressive.   My database is only half full.. unfortunately my weak points are about the same as yours (skills and crafting).

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