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5.3 Patch Notes for November 3, 2017

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Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.3
Welcome to Race/Class System Test

To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: Playtest Feedback and Bugs


  • Several more adjustments have been made to player combat movement to help address some jitteriness. 
  • Fixed a bug where items could randomly be locked on acquisition.
  • Fixed an issue where the visible feature on the avatar does not correspond to the selected feature in the customization screen.
  • Adjusted buff object to make sure debuff icons aren't offset.
  • Replaced the Enemy Sanctuary - Stay Out icon with the appropriate debuff version.

Eternal Kingdom:

  • Players can no longer get stuck outside of the world boundaries when standing at parcel edges and moving those parcels in Eternal Kingdoms.


  • Retaliate no longer requires a weapon.


  • Added screenshake when Duelists perform some of their larger attacks.


  • Added screenshake when Duelists perform some of their larger attacks.
  • Ranger Archer's Stake: Replaced old style snare icon with new style snare icon. 

Known Issues:

  • Currently Skill Tree navigation is slow and is currently being investigated.
  • The Map display is memory intensive. Please use sparingly as we are looking into ways to address this issue. 
  • In order to load out powers into a specific tray (Melee, Harvest, etc) or to alter your default combat tray you must be in that specific tray before pressing “K”. Otherwise it will appear as though you have no powers.
  • Character sheet is still a work in progress - a new sheet is currently in development.
  • Knight Chain Pull and Myrmidon Net Pull may not function correctly - a fix is currently being investigated.
  • Z-Fighting/Sorting issues on buildings have been reported during internal playtests.
  • Guinecean Burrow FX persist after going from Stealth to Survival Trays.
  • Centaur scale size in character creation is very large.
  • Motion Blur and Depth of Focus settings have been altered and may need some more adjusting. 
  • Floating rocks and trees at the edge of campaign parcels may appear. 
  • The Champion often slides an appreciable distance after landing from his Leap ability.  
  • Some parcels are displaying their default name. 
  • Harvesting doobers are falling or floating away from the drop source. 
  • A balance pass is still in the works for hippos. Current feeder requirements may change.
  • Players have reported getting stuck and/or lagging on various steps throughout some of the campaign zones.
  • Keeps have trees and rocks spawning in them.
  • Frame rate performance may be slightly lower.
  • Videos have been removed until we can update them.
  • Floating temples have been reported. To fix this issue exit to lobby and return to the campaign.
  • Destruction of buildings may also cause post processing visual issues. 
  • Hellcats missing animation after running leap.
  • AI can track and attack stealthed players.
  • AI may be difficult to loot/skin due to a smaller loot radius.
  • Templar LMB Attack without weapon is missing animation.
  • Non-Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do.
  • Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until  animations are added.
  • Final Power Cost Multiplier is not properly calculating gains from skill trees.
  • Players can encounter jumping issues when spam-jumping from higher elevations to lower ones.
  • Ranger machine gun bug - a weird state in which the Ranger animation appears to get stuck in LMB animation.
  • Pressing alt while the trade window is open permanently hides the trade window.


  • Some players have reported inventory items not updating their reduced amount. This appears to be happening most frequently with deeds and resource items.
  • Blue crow effect persisting after reviving has been reported to occur at times. Logging out and back in will fix this issue.
  • Chat disconnects may occur. If this happens, just exit to the lobby and rejoin.
  • Test patch client doesn’t close itself after the game is exited.
  • Durability meter on items is not displaying properly. 

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