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Cleric Powers and Effects - Official Discussion Thread

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I enjoyed the editing touches.

You did not show off the holy block or the retaliate self barrier.

[and the tooltip for cleric block in 5.3 is broken and displays knight block text FYI]

The LMB tooltip also does not correctly state the values for the first, second and third parts [i assume there is no 'bonus effect' at the end of the chain at all?]

Also...i laughed at this:

RNG of attack values [even vs same target type] versus the supposed impact of +75 attack power aura...UzRvEVH.png

suggestion for vengeful aura [+banner of storms]


Every X hit an ally makes applies Y proc
could be bonus holy/lightning damage or a DoT or whatever...or even the old discipline lifesteal on hit proc i love so much!
e.g. instead of +X% damage
you'd see your normal hit of 100, then another hit of 20 or whatever
e.g. a DD proc


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I couldnt help but murmur "That was really cool." when i saw the left click attack. GJ on that one. The other powers VFX were pretty simple, it isnt a big problem for the buffs (like the aura powers) but i think the ground targeting powers animation needs to be a little cooler.

Maybe it is a problem of POV since they all hit far from the caster so we cant really see what happens. But in most of the Ground T. powers i found myself asking "Was that flash it? Did we use it?... So simple."

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So all of cleric’s attacks /Damage are based on attack power but the heals onsupport power?


sounds like fun balancing them


and if you do make a dps build all your group mates will put you on ignore !?

www.lotd.org       pking and siege pvp since 1995

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Right now my biggest issues with the cleric are:

  • LMB and Block mana consumption. Either lower or (in the case of LMB) remove the cost for using LMB.
  • The health return for blocking when factoring in mana consumption seems a bit too low.
  • General mana management issues, illuminate might need to give more resource to self.
  • The hammer attacking animations are kinda wacky. Instead of a linear path, they take curves and it kinda a little jarring.
  • The cleric's base healing kit feels weak (excluding miracle) in contrast to the amount of damage people can do right now. Might change over time with support power, something to be weary of.
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The abilities feel a bit lackluster. Don't get me wrong... they look amazing, and the general idea is good, but I feel like they're just trying to meet the minimum criteria of a role in a class-based RPG. They're all just circles that heal or deal damage. The "tether" heal one is the most interesting. The rest seem hard to make feel distinct from any other damage/root/healing abilities, other than "the circle is a different size" or "the healing value is different," etc.

Perhaps the intent of the current state of the class is simply to cover the basics of the role, and you're going to do more complex stuff later and/or want to leave room for disciplines to provide lots of cool customization. If that's the case, then okay, I suppose? I'm really not trying to be negative. The class is really polished in terms of VFX and aesthetic ability design. It just seems like the abilities could go a bit further into cool-tactical-option territory. The Druid (I think) little healy orbs that can be picked up for heals OR detonated by the Druid, come to mind. That's much more interesting than "If you're standing here, you get healed. Also, I can heal you a couple of other ways. Or I can hit people for damage. Also I can stun you maybe, and root you if you're standing here."

This post brought to you by...
Lephys. Because everything's better with a smile facepalm.

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Good thing Stoneborn have the Knight class.  I don't see myself wielding hammer shaped wands,  I'll just roll a hammer wielding "Knight" to protect my comrades.

God I hope they don't finish the game before I graduate :(

I'm gonna need to buy a completely new computer for this game.  Looking so pretty recently.

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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1 hour ago, Gwanstar said:

I don't think I can get used to the ranged attacks for Clerics. Is there a reason why this has to be?

I admit that i just realized that the cleric is a ranged class even though it uses a hammer and shield.

Would it be possible to make the power effects inversely proportional to distance? The LMB power could do more damage the shorter the hammer flies making it a quasi-melee power. The same could happen with the other powers to varying degrees.

I honestly think it would be a interesting playstyle. A cleric that must risk his safety going melee-ish to be as useful as possible. Well, it beats the kitting playstyle that i assume will happen...

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3 hours ago, Tinnis said:


RNG of attack values [even vs same target type] versus the supposed impact of +75 AP


Suggestion for vengeful aura [+banner of storms]


Unless they changed how AP affects damage that should yield ~4-5% damage increase.


However, I find your suggestion regarding buffs adding an additional damaging strike to be inspiring as that could lead to all sorts of buffs and options for the future. Whether that is a realistic/easily integrated concept for this game may be a different matter though.


*Insert shameless plug for Half Giant Knight/Druid/FW...


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7 hours ago, McTan said:

Pretty close to letting ol’ Jack die a few times there!

Looks fun, I’ll definitely try to make a full Dps stoneborn when that time comes.

Exactly--as DPSey as possible with a little bit of heal/buff in the pocket for added surviveability.  Lots of room for a variety disciplines too...

The Artist Formerly Known as Regulus

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10 hours ago, Gwanstar said:

I don't think I can get used to the ranged attacks for Clerics. Is there a reason why this has to be?

Nothing wrong with taking an old class and reworking it in a different direction. It's still a caster of sorts but not in the traditional sense of similar classes in other MMOs (such as Paladins and Priests). I actually love the LMB attack animation shown in the video.

Honestly it's making me really want to look at the class and play it along side a Duelist and I still might end up maining the Cleric over the Duelist; which is my current main class choice. As others pointed out, the heals it gives off for mana consumption probably needs a look at from a balance perceptive but it's still a really cool and IMO fresh look at how to do a Cleric class.

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