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Finding animal parts for crafting?


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9 minutes ago, Yingus said:

Where do I find animals to kill?  None in my  EK and none that I have found in the campaign.  Any help?

Welcome to the forums.

The same question has just been asked within the last 24 hours here.

For your convinience: There are no animals in eternal kingdoms currently ... but you will find boars in the beachhead (=starter area) of you faction in the campaign worlds, and cats near the big blue crystal object there, like shown on @Jah 's  map (see link above).

Little hint: Use all the pre-alpha harvesting potions, try to get a stack of their skin, transfer this stack to your spirit bank (press B ), go back to your EK, then transfer the stuff from your spirit bank to your EK inventory, craft your stuff in the safety of your EK, and only transfer the finally crafted objects back to the campaign worlds using the spirit bank, where you finally use them to (try to) fight successfully.

Have fun and good luck.



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