Please show us correct skilling times

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In Test Version 5.3 as in version 5.2.10 we do not see correct skilling times: e.g. for Tier 1 the box indicates 2 days 23 hours. I have stopped it and I can say that it needs quasi 3 days totally. Once a Pip gets to its end the system shows hours and minutes, then minutes and seconds. The Pip timer seems to update every second, the total timer updates once per minute.

I guess it is not a big deal to show the pip and total times with an accuracy per second  in an international format like   dd:hh:mm:ss

Everybody would understand that

Thank you

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Now I don't have access to 5.3 yet (I am alpha 2), but I honestly dont see a problem, and would imagine showing both days, hours, minutes AND seconds at once would be too much clutter, to show at least at the initial tooltip, maybe at an "more info" sort of thing you can go to check, if you want it, and I guess at highest tiers skill there might even be an added months needed in front as well, 4-5 different time values would be too much tooltip bloat to be able to make it look neat and clean.

So as long as it is clearly indicated weather the current timers are days, hours, minutes or seconds I would say it is fine, speciality after we got the timebank, I cant imagine most ppl that need to train a day that take several days really care too much about the exact minutes and seconds at the end yet

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