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[EPU] 18+ | Highly Active Friends in Gaming Community

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Greetings All!

Wanted to throw this out there, I will keep it short and sweet and we appreciate your time taken in reading this!

  • 18+ Age Requirement
  • Highly Active International Community
  • 200+ Members
  • Multiple Titles

Simply put, we are a community of adult gamers that have become close friends. We are active in a few different titles and are adding Crowfall to that list. This title is highly anticipated and we are becoming more and more active in Early Access by the day. There are no promises for the future other than we will be involved in every aspect the game has to offer.

We are interested in people that enjoy gaming, and want to be part of a community where you are treated with respect, your opinion matters, and your thought counts. Enrich your experience by playing with friends, and take gaming to the next level. There are no rules, regulations, requirements or stipulations. Come as you are, play when you want, leave when you feel like it!

Weather you chose to join or not, our Discord is always open. Come hang out, come for the laughs, come for the trash talk, come just to listen - but don't miss out! Most people that come, tend to stay :)

Discord Link:


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