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Hello Everyone!


It occurred to me that I should actually stop all my craziness elsewhere in the forums and bring some of it to this one.  I just got done reading your introductions and having a good time finding people of common interest, geographic location, and sense of humor.  My name is Brett, but I go by seventhbeacon in most places as well.  I'm a gaming enthusiast who found out about Crowfall from the Massively article, and I'll be very sad to see them go.  Here's hoping their content-makers find or create an awesome new home to share the MMO passion!


I'm a big fan of fiction RP and have never quite gotten into it in MMOs, mostly because of all the overlapping conversations in the chat windows.  More MMOs need to bring word bubbles back... seriously.  I'm also huge into crafting (when it's interesting) and PvP (when it's not a zerg-fest).  I started playing MMOs with the original Everquest, but also played SWG, WoW, and a lot of others that I didn't stick with long enough to mention.  Currently SWTOR is my only somewhat-regular MMO and even then it's as a placeholder until something more fulfilling comes along.


Also a big fan of entertainment consumption, so tons of movies, books, comics (especially comics, no lie) and television.  I also love news, politics & religion (but try to avoid talking about it on forums), history, science, and tons of other things. I could talk forever about too many things.


This place is great, and it's fun to be a part of it!  And as much as your mind says 'seventh bacon' when you read my user name, I assure you that - while I am only two degrees apart from Kevin Bacon - it is 'beacon'.


(Also, I know Doc uses it a lot, but being the huge comic nerd I am, I have to get at LEAST one in while I'm here:)




-seventhbeacon of the Lantern Watch

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