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Burgenvold is a small but powerful northern, coastal province. Lead by the most ingenious nobles of our time, this economic powerhouse is not to be dismissed lightly. Founded over four centuries ago, Burgenvold has controlled trade and precious resources in the region with fierce diligence and a complex logistics network. It's long tradition of maritime dominance has lead to fostering the finest sailors and soldiers in all of the north. Adapted to sub-arctic survival, have made the Burgen's a hardened people, often inclined towards actions reflecting survival in these sometimes harsh environments. Burgen's often keep no prisoners, as food can be scarce in the northern regions, preferring preserved foods such as hard cheeses and cured meats. It is also rumored that spending so many generations in harsh northern regions has nurtured a relationship between the Burgen's and the wild life in the north, there are even rumors of some Burgen's keeping polar bears as pets. 

Make no doubt, as the winter of the CrowFall comes, The People of Burgenvold will be ready!

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