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Byzantium, A guild of Conquest


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Byzantium has been the guild of my friends and I's for going on 10 years now in every game we play.  We prioritize success and community over all else.  If you are someone that like's to win, this may not be for you, what we are looking for are those that hate to lose.  The kind of person that when that tragic day comes where they do lose it is burned in their memory and they strive to make it never occur again.   4 of my friends IRL and I have invested into a good start in this game since Kickstarter and I have roughly a dozen other connects from the years that will make up our starting ranks.  We are passively beginning our effort's towards recruitment so that we might swell in numbers before the approaching launch.  As launch get's closer we will launch a guild webpage and a guild discord so that we can begin to iron out the details on the guild's functionality.  We have spent hours discussing ranking systems and taxation brackets and ways in which to encourage the most success of our members.  We do not believe anyone is equal to anyone, yet everyone does have a voice.

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