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[T]antalus, NA, PVP-RP guild is recruiting!


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Welcome to our ranks, fellow Crow. May your cup never empty, and your heart never fear.


We are [T]antalus, a new guild focused on increasing our numbers, and partaking in the sweet mead of group play. We’ve sipped the thorned cup of war, and mended the wounds of battles past; yet we’re left yearning for more.


What can you expect from [T]antalus?

  • We welcome Roleplaying, though it is not required.

  • We will focus on the more subtle parts of warfare and economy, however I dare not reveal our secrets.  

  • Join early to get a founding spot in the guild and special Tantalus forum badge (WIP).

  • Advance through the guild rankings from a novice, to grandmaster of your specific profession.

  • Regularly planned guild events on Live and Test servers.

  • A dedicated Discord channel for communication.

  • Get help getting geared by already established crafters/gatherers. Want to jump into the fray right away? We can help!

  • Tips and tricks on the forum site for those of you look to maximize your gains. 

  • Lastly, be able to play with others in the game. This is very important to your success, as well as the guild's success.

What does [T]antalus expect from you?

  • Contribute to the guild when you can.

  • Joining us in Guild activities when time permits.

  • Have a microphone, and a discord account created.

  • Must be 20+ years old.

  • Be willing, and ready, to scour the lands beyond the Beachead.

  • Accept the fact that you may die on the battlefield. Yet know that we will avenge you.


Thank you, brothers and sisters; for taking the time to witness our foundation. We hope to see you on the battlefield soon. If you wish to know more, check out our SITE


[Note: We are a NA based guild, so times may conflict if you are outside of our area. Let us know if you’re interested, we can always see if group play times can be changed to accommodate you.]



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