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Ideas to make EK more viable?


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Two ideas that I had for EKs are:  

Have an arena where PvP can be permitted without allowing PvP in the entire world. 

Have some sort of smuggling task in campaigns that would allow someone or a group to sneak in stuff from EKs.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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1) pvp arena areas would be nice. if you die inside area, you will respawn without durability loss

2) dummy like inside test maps would be nice

3) trade chests would be nice

4) unskinnable 1-2 mobs would be also ok


also would be awesome if EK starting correctly all time


ah forgot about camp fire to heal self and cooking deal




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I agree, parcel based pvp flagging. Then you could make arenas. 

A relic you can install and sacrifice gear to.  When you do you get an Eternal copy of it that cannot be removed from the EK. But it also has no durability loss. It removes the item from the campaign worlds but you can keep a remembrance of it and kick the crap out of your friends with it.  (Hint: Spirit bank it at 1 durability so you can have used it for a while)

Something to stop chicken ticker loss in the eternal kingdoms. I feel sorry for the centaurs. 

Rank 1 animal spawner. We need a knotwood of animals. I would suggest feral guineceans we could murder and skin. 

A healing and cooking fire would be nice.

And basic gear rack spawner like the campaign world. But update the spawner with Scimitar and upgrade the true basics to the semi slag level of many of the weapons.  Or give a true basic level for all the weapons and set them all there. 

Something we can toss like a football. That gives a graphic to who is holding it.  and a exploration tray disc where we can tackle and double hit to trigger a knockdown for non combat players. Let us make a crowfall variant of huttball.

A portal to a Hungerdome world for nights where we just want to slap each other around some. (Or an ingame campaign world portal, to one.)

More parcel variations. 

A Loot/trade chest we can spawn and place. 

A bunch of variations of rank 1 mobs we could spawn and have equipped.  Equipment could up hit points of mobs to add more challenge but only rank 1's so no worries about abusing for loot. 

With the loot chests and the mob spawners people could set up challenges and rewards for other players.  Throw in pvp chances as well to add to it and people could get very creative. 

Training dummies for the EK.

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I'm good with parcel-based arenas in EKs. Sparring is fine, and a cool idea.

I do not think ACE would do this, but I feel compelled to emphasize that doing any sort of queued Hungerdome like thing in the EKs would be a big mistake, IMO. Anything that pulls active PvP out of risky CWs and into safe EKs is a hard line in the sand for me, and, in my humble opinion, a recipe for disaster for CF.

Please note that I know nobody is explicitly talking about that sort of system, but as we get closer to those possibilities (Gordon said they would likely do Hungerdome in EKs), I have to speak up.

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On 11/25/2017 at 7:59 AM, Wayoun said:

Two ideas that I had for EKs are:  

Have an arena where PvP can be permitted without allowing PvP in the entire world. 

Have some sort of smuggling task in campaigns that would allow someone or a group to sneak in stuff from EKs.

Anyone else have any ideas?


IMO anything that inserts "PvP" into an EK with the ostensible idea it makes an "EK viable", is a fallacy.  This is my opinion.

I suppose it's non-material so long as there are ZERO rewards for PvP occurring in EKs.  And I mean none, nada, nothing.  And I don't see the injection of "smuggling" mechanics in the game being worth while.

In general:

Thinking through an evolutionary (meaning a constructive positive expression of "evolution", not something headed into a problem or a dead end, sort of like the saber-tooth tiger) timeline:

  • More incentives for people to go INTO CWs for PvP goodness on the open maps is good.
  • Anything the provides incentive to NOT go into CWs for PvP goodness is bad.
  • EKs are the place for the results of booty-export to make its way into building, crafting, and the economy.  As a result I see the EKs primary role as a place to see growth and adaptation along those lines.  e.g. the goals and objectives for even being in a CW.

The goal should be to see people have more, and more diverse personal reasons, across a spectrum of personal preferences and tendencies, to head  into a CW.  Motivation.  Even if that's buying off the marketplace:  It's still tied to activity in a CW, and self correcting in that respect.

In the end, in my opinion, being monochrome about combat vs EKs is a mistake.  You have to have a variety of reasons for being in a CW, objectives, motivation and focus across several areas of interest to ensure a strong draw across a multitude of people with different interests and available game time.  The goal:  Keep the CWs hard core POPULATED as much as possible.

As one poster put it some time ago:  PvP is what we do.  Having objectives is why we are there to begin with (paraphrasing).

The mechanics of combat can't be complete crap of course, because then "driving the car" turns us off because it's unpleasant.  In similar fashion, if all we do is make combat mechanics "great" (whatever that means) with nothing else around it - that's about as sucky, just in a different way.  At best it'll be flash in the pan, no more depth than an FPS arena.

So, EKs being made "viable":

They should have the opportunity to evolve in the manner implied above, over time and releases:  Provide more, and diverse incentives for people to go INTO A CW.  This might be things like:

More and better building materials, unique finds that contribute to landscape artifacts that can be placed in a CW, unique/rare plants/trees that can be planted in a CW, Achievements of infinite variety that would reward at some point a banner/flag/monument/thralls/livestock/music or musicians/periodic or timed EK-wide announcements or events, (whatever).

I want to see more and better "building opportunities" for my EK, that in turn require I obtain resources, earn an achievement, or even make a lucky / rare find from a CW.

"PvP in an EK" is, to me, simply and needlessly redundant, with very little ROI at the outset.

Should it never be done?  I'm not sure I'm suggesting that.  Should the game at least get to release and about 1 year out before we think pumping PvP into an EK makes sense for "making an EK viable"?  

Yeah.  In my opinion anyway.

EDIT:  After re-reading some of the thoughts from others above, I can see one - very specific - good use of a completely non-reward PvP capable "arena" or "training ground" in an EK:  Class training/dueling.  AKA: Target dummy practice and "sparring".  A place to learn your class skills, rotations, timings, cc and counter-cc, movement and tactics.

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Campaign worlds are going to be sprawling, messy, bloody places.

When two opposing forces meet in the campaign, be it 2 or 200 there will be competition and blood.  It is the nature of the beast. Kill or be killed. Dominate or surrender. There may be some neutral factions or places that might spring up, but only if the forces of peace are stronger than the wolves. Also the only way to enforce the peace in a campaign world is with superior power, or be a hell of a lot more charming than I will ever be. 

EK's can be run with a different type of power. Exclusion. I can ban people from my ek with the press of a few buttons. In this manner rules can be enforced. With this you can have enforced, accorded, neutral ground.

You can build things there that will be as eternal as anything in the game. And only the owner can choose the ultimate fate of it.  This will allow for things that will never happen in the campaign worlds. Socialization, getting to know the enemy without having to look over your shoulder for the gank.

It is a worthy thing to have. It will be popular. And some will pursue goals there, that the campaign worlds would never ever be able to satisfy. 

The net sum might be a few less people in the campaign worlds, but there are very few people who will be able to thrive in both types of play. Most will dip feet into the other side of the pool now and then. 

Let the wolves be wolves. But also let the builders, build things that last.

They do not have to be wholly at odds. 


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