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What is the confessors strength?

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On 11/30/2017 at 12:24 PM, Brightdance said:


Not sure how this thread turned from the original topic of "Confessor Strength" to "Why cant I take all your stuff?", but just to cap that off Im personally not that great at PVP. And after all the games Ive played over the years I think its safe to say that Most of us from the general population really aren't that great it. Theres always a community of elitists in everyone of these games, but its usually a pretty small crowd compared to most of the population.

If you want a server and a game where you get to take my gear when I lose then Im done. I have no interest in spending my time in a VIDEO GAME where all of my time is spent farming new gear to play the game just so someone thats better than me (which is always around the corner) takes the gear I just spent my time putting together.

I dont understand why you want to take the things from other players that makes it possible for them to play the game with you. Whether its on your team or and enemy team...you have to have both to actually play the V i d e o  G a m e. There's certainly other ways to reward better players besides stripping the general population of their gear....no thanks.

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