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Starting Crafting Guide


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A Little run down on what I think is an optimal path for starting crafters.

To start with you obviously will have to rush all the pre-requisite nodes to get to your desired craft. You should only train 4 pips except for the final node that opens up the crafting tree, this requires 5 pips.
Once into that crafting tree, you will want to train the first node to 4 pips. 
Next move to the top line which opens up experimentations. This line is what gives you experimentation pips and helps with getting better experimentation results.
Train the first experimentation node to 4 pips, this will give you +.8 exp pips.
Next, you will want to train 1 pip in Exceptional Experimentation Points to give you +.4 pips.
Now move to Exceptional Experimentation line (top line) and train this to 4 pips (8 experimentation). Continue on this line and train your next node (T3) to 1 pip. +2 experimentation.

This is a great start to crafting and will give you 6 experimentation pips with a potion.
+.8 from a potion
+.8 from the first node and 
+.4 from the 2nd node
= +2 pips to your starting 4 pips for a total of 6 pips

This will also give you +10 experimentation for a total of 60 experimentation.
+50 from a potion
+8 from first exp node
+2 from second exp node
While 60 experimentation isn't anything to write home about it does give you a noticeable increase in your results. You should also be able to get +5 from weapons and armor to bring you to 65 experimentation.

Part 2 takes you to 8 pips and 70 exp but really at this point do what makes sense to you. This is only good for this test with potions. I imagine with no potions assembly will become much more important to ensure you can actually successfully put things together.

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