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Suggestion: Time based Skill leveling


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Hello guys,


first off: I never played the game my self. BUT i love the idea behind the game and i am realy exited for the release. Anyway, i want to do my part and bring some suggestions.

I played them all... WoW, Terra, Metin2, FF14, RIFT etc. etc. etc.... Grinder, Pay2Win, Free2Play, Subscriptions, Premiumaccount Subscription...


I like the Skilltree and the TimeBank, but in my opinion, it has some Problems.

As a Player, you want to feel progression and you want to feel special. Time tied to progression is awesome, when you are there from the first day. If you are not, then you feel disadvantaged.

I am not sure if the Skilltrees reset every season or not, but anyway, you should give people a chance to catch up with the top players. I think they dont reset, so based on that thought:


Make the progression endless or nearly endless like Black Desert. This game had THE BEST charakter Progression in any game i ever played.

Add a method to catch up with the top player and make it less grindy. It would totaly fit to EU and NA playerbase.


Top Player needs 20h(of what ever... Grind, time, doesnt matter) to get the skill X.

One month later 2000 other player got the same skill. For every 100 Player who earned the skill, the cost will decrease by 0,5%. 

So, when Player 2001 in the leader want to get this skill, he just needs to invest 18h to get skill X.

(Maximum reducion by 50% or something... Balancing would be hard, but high potential.)


Example for a Craftsman with current skilltree and just add something:

You finished your Skilltree. Now you can choose between X endless skills. Reducing the costs. Improving Quality. Less Cooldown (For sure, there are better options)

You could even go further. As Smith. This three Skills for every Weapontype and Armoreclass. So the best Sword Smith on teh Server is not the best Lance Smith on the Server. (But dont let this go out of hand... The best aviable Sword should not be much better or worse then a Lance.)


Just some thoughts...


With kind regards,


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It doesnt reset.

That said there is plans to introduce a item called Skill Tome which is basically a bundle of time for a player to inject in their time bank. It can be made by players and there is some rules but i dont really remember them since they will probably change before that item is introduced (It isnt planned fot soft launch AFAIK).

So, the plan is to use it to act as a catch up mechanic for new players. I imagine something like starting with a untrained skill tree but having some months in the time bank to use.

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And also the skill tree is endless in a sense already, assuming no updates at all quite a while back someone did the math and found out it would take something in the 40s years to train the entire skill tree, and we have already since then got more trees, and more is still planned as well, so would not be surprised if it would take in the ballpark of 100 years to train the entire skill tree at launch, so yeah maybe your son or your grand son would have a shot at finishing out the entire skill tree on your account

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