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Best 1 on 1 Class/Race combination atm?

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I am really interested to become strong in 1vs1 and 1vsX situations. So i need to know, is there a class, what is maybe more powerful then others in total or does every class have a counter here?

Ty for sharing your experiences :)

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current best 1v1 in my opinion (from best to not so best):

1) wood elf ranger. can beat anything coz longest range, burst, teleport, speed ult and alot of possible CC to lock ppl in one place and do hit/escape.

first candidate to nerf (better up other but ACE like to nerf x10)

if you want to kill anything and/or escape - it is ur choise.

2) cleric. if do right - uncontrollable and non stop heal with range stable attack, decent CC, double ultimates. unable to escape but who need it?

any race

3) knight. mobile, alot of CC, huge surv, uncontrollable if you want, with some builds can be unkillable 1v1 coz you can't outdamage heal.

but hard to play, required some "skill"

any race. I prefer human

4) duelist.very depend on crit chance and crit damage. unstable burst, low CC. also bugged atm coz you can be visible for long distance, but in theory can escape easily from any1. atm in 5.3 this class is only one who can crit for 2k+ with single skill.

race only one.

5) here is some very situational classes:

confessor. mobility, alot of CC, range, escape. stable dps but can't kill some classes like knight, cleric while can kill some very easy like duelist, templar.

neithary race or whatever he named


templar. pretty much kiteable by any class who have range attacks and/or teleport/blink. clunky.

any race. I would like to take human.


myrmidon. can eat everything with 2-3 full whirlwind but broken/bugged as hell. unplayable atm. only half giant.


champion. very strong in 1v1 coz huge self heal, but also bugged like hell in 5.3 as well as was in 5.2. can dmg, can cc, can escape, can get semifast escapers. but as I told - clunky, bugged disciplines and passives.

take mino race to get more mobility and tanky to survive more


druid....this is just druid. teleport-heal-teleport-heal. stack orbs to oneshot or die while trying



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8 hours ago, Mr.Kurtz said:

Based on the Dev's intent I would focus on Group v Group.  1v1 in important for understanding your class but may not help you when game is released.

this will never work in mmorpg. I know, you know, we all know.

yes, crow mechanic not link you to 1-2 classes but since vessels will be hard to craft, min-max will stuck on 1 main class, atleast in one campaign.

this way who da hell will play underpowered class if they can play more OP class? situation will be something like 80% of OP classses, 10% of new players who dont know how and who OP and 10% roleplayers

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4 hours ago, blazzen said:

Half Giant Myrm is no slouch in 1v1's, especially once a few remaining bugs are fixed.

yes. myrms will be hard in 1v1 but very strong after bug fixes. but in mass ifght it is annoying coz random CC

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the problem fighting someone 1v1 as a myrm or a templar:

it relies on your enemy either being new or stupid to be effective (e.g. not knowing how your class works)

e.g. crash, divine light or parry

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