FOUNDERS’ UPDATE: A GREAT YEAR - Official discussion thread

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18 minutes ago, Tinnis said:

Are we going to soon hear about the design of

  • Frostweaver
  • Advantages or Disadvantages

and see some fae gliding? :P


I can wait on the Frostweaver as it's always better to let classes cook until they are done, but I'm also very curious about the Advantage/Disadvantage system. Especially considering it's tied heavily to attributes which are quite gimped at the moment. 

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19 hours ago, ClockworkOrange said:

Can Gordon write the next one?

I mean I love this update but I would prefer this ending......"We couldn't have done it without you.....wait who the eff am I kidding? Yes we could and did. You guys only gave us money because you wanted our product. We don't owe you shlt!"

Technically I think you are right but also wrong. They could have done it without us but not without getting into deals which might restrict them or force them to obey certain contracts, requirements, etc. On the other hand as you said if the project horribly failed they wouldn't really owe us anything and on the other hand they had somewhat free reign over what they initially wanted to do and make. I think you get the idea what I'm trying to imply. 

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I was just saying in comms the other night. how I wasn't concerned about the game because JTodd could sell one of these...





To one of these...



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