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Sooo about this bloodbath server..

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I'm pretty much at 50 wins 0 losses now (lots of people I let walk away at 1 hp, I dont loot them anyways) between my templar and hamster, the closest I've come to death was 1500 hp after winning a 3v1 on duelist against a champion, knight, archer. (yes they all had weapons)

I love the non-laggy combat (but sure is a lot of targeting bugs, what is up with retaliate missing so much if its a cone and I'm aimed at someone 3M away)

Censure is stunning/damaging at 38M away with proper aim?

I found out stuff from EU Seige transfers over in spirit bank AFTER i spent hours looting RNG chests for hides.

I think after you harvest rank 9 stuff it has a chance to be rank 5 for a while? or they are just at separate sides of the map around different center shards?

There is no way to get silver or gold ore, or hunger shards.

Hides are chest loot only, along with animal meat.

I don't exactly know what happens when you die, but my weapon and armor hasnt degraded in like 3 days now.


OPINION IS ITS MY FAVOURITE TYPE OF SERVER!!! PURE PVP, WITHOUT THE 2K MSG PING LIKE TEST <3 I really hope test server gets a stable version of this

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