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Crowfall viral marketing on Imgur

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Take some awesome combat footage that is relatively clean and straightforward and not too much of a cluster-f@*! that people can't understand what's happening. I'm sure if we make gifs / webm's out of it and post it on places like Imgur we can also do a little to promote the game / pimp our guilds at the same time on places like imgur. 


Not a bad idea @DocHollidaze

Edited by Ranik

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would be helpful if the update to the new look of crowfall website had not accidentally disabled the vast majority of their past news articles from being viewable... can't even link people to these comic releases or the update about vessels and crows for example...

seriously @Pann, it is an embarrassing mess from a web management / marketing stand point.

here is an incomplete sample of 13th jan 2015 to 30th may 2017 - 418 news articles over 2 years 4 months 18 days. there are more recent ones that were also lost. (e.g. that banking article from October for example)

all now unviewable and fading from google


30th may 2017

character customization: race and class design

eternal kingdoms: play your way

passive powers and you

crowfall live! "massive reveal" edition, may 18

“massive reveal” day is here!

teaser week – day 5: ready, aim, fire!

teaser week – day 4: children of the sun

founders’ update: ek pvp toggle incoming

teaser week – day 3: super stabby

teaser week - day 2: sticks and stones

teaser week - day 1: the opposite of fire

something is coming...

ace q&a for may: how, what, when?

join us for crowfall live! today

on the horizon: architecture and geomancy

bestiary: hellcat

crowfall live! thursday, april 27

assassin powers & ui

founders' update: expanded testing of eks

first look: ui updates

keep away

gender variants: male assassin and druid

how it works: powers selection

pannderings: new crows and other news

ace q&a for april: what is and what will be

for your ek: warden's dragon

eternal kingdoms: an overview

bestiary: giant

a murder of crows: dave greco

founders’ update: the ‘kaizen’ of crowfall

testing news: unity update

crowfall live! march 21: building in builderworld

eternally yours, part 2: kingdom management

founders’ update: builderworld!

first look: building eks

eternally yours: ek parcel placement

founders’ update: 24/7 test plans

ace q&a for march: playable placeholders

on the horizon: combat disciplines

meet the assassin!

forums maintenance on feb 28

founders’ update: a special day

first look: forts

eternal kingdoms are coming!

parade of homes

pre-alpha 4.0: pick a faction!

from the crows with love

feb 10 playtest cancelled

templar powers & fx

be our valentine!

ace q&a for february: work in progress

meet the new knight

founders' update: on the horizon

the art of the crow

wanted: crowfall creations

founders' update: stepping up the frequency

shuffle off this mortal coil: death, respawning and you!

necromancy: the art of crafting bodies

crowfall live! crow-a-thon wednesday

grave digging: "slightly more advanced harvesting"

funding update: “you guys are amazing!”

harvesting redux

founder’s update: prepare to be mesmerized

crowfall live! marathon january 18th

murder of crows: gordon walton, part 3

new houses for sale - on sale!

crowfall live! on jan 5th: environments & modeling

founders’ update: title iii raise 2nd stretch goal achieved!

ace q&a for january: is grave digging gross?

december crowfall live! encores

first look: templar powers & ui

artcraft founders 2016 wrap-up

account bank, import and export

2016 blooper reel

holiday e-cards from the crows

a murder of crows: gordon walton, part 2

new parcels offered in holiday sale

founder’s update: investment stretch goals

ace q&a for december 2016

a tale of two livestreams

first look: unique world maps

crows of many colors

store credit changes incoming

indiegogo stretch goal announced!

coming soon to big world...

crowfall live! november encores

2016 package retirement

a murder of crows: gordon walton, part 1

founders' update: giving thanks

meet the templar!

crowfall live! nov 17: doggett & greco

archetype training videos

mmo central: exclusive crafting interview

ace q&a for november: questions about big world

guinecean powers & fx

founders' update: persistent world testing

exploration and iteration

crowfall live! oct 27 - harvesting & crafting + duelist animation

founders' update: 'big world' testing

a murder of crows: max lancaster

faq revision: crafting and economy

ace q&a for october: testing in ‘big world’

founders' update: 'big world' development

commanding chat in crowfall

first look: crafting stations

founders’ update: two things

bestiary update: the risen

first look: duelist powers & ui

founders' update: 2016 package retirement

incoming changes to the crowfall store

feature spotlight: chat system

store update: farewell, 2016 bundles!

fly on the wall: harvesting

mmorpg update: harvesting reveal

crowfall ama friday, september 16

livestreams, ama's and bog bears... oh my!

ui improvements and crowfall live!

ace q&a for september

founders’ update: recapping the redemption and sale

gender variations, part 2: we are the champions

the 411 on strongholds

meet the duelist

gamescom 2016: a gathering of crows

the myrmidon in action

temporary item redemption

pannderings: talking crows

founders' update: big news about strongholds

bestiary: hic sunt dracones

crowfall live! aug 18: parcel party

ace q&a for august

a murder of crows: todd coleman, part 1

founders' update: milestone shifts and duelists

myrmidon powers and ui

part ii: building the ballista

t-shirts by noc

meet the interns: the class of 2016

first look: building a ballista

bring home a “raging bull”

founders' update: trusted trader/upcoming housing price changes

crowfall live! animania with cook & doggett

crowfall live! drawing with dave

crowfall live! "myrmidon magic" july 19

ace q&a for july 2016

web maintenance on 7/14

crowfall live! combat disciplines

ch-ch-ch-changes: gender variants

crowfall poster series: the myrmidon

elements of destruction

environments: what a wonderful world!

pannderings: howdy, partners!

first look: harvesting

crowfall live! faq

a murder of crows live: coleman, koster & walton

subsistence and the "chicken ticker"

founders' update: ramping up for crowfall live!

meet the myrmidon

worthplaying: the myrmidon cometh

'crowfall live!' broadcast june 27

confessor refresher: animation update

web maintenance on 6/11

ace q&a for june

fly on the wall: druid sound fx

snap test set for sun, june 5

powers prediction

redesigning power tray icons

the druid in action

founders' update: shifting gears

armor faq: benefits and bonuses

mmorpgitalia interview with j. todd coleman

first look: gaea's wail

data diving

snap test added for fri the 13th

crowfall symbology

founders' update: soft launch strategy

ace q&a for may: what’s that smell?

first look: druid powers & ui

international plans for crowfall®

pc gamer exclusive: castle under siege

crowfall ama thursday, may 5

key elements of sieging

mmo games: blair & koster on social systems

when the trees go dark...

crowfall.com offline wednesday morning

experiments with armor

crowfall contest at mmo.it

sneak peek: creating druid equipment

throne war module overview

mmo.it: the end is just a new beginning

founders' update: siege and beyond

ace q&a for april

scenes from siege perilous

meet the druid

tiger chat

first look: catapults!

ranger danger

“the sign of a hero” contest: and the winners are…

“glory, wealth & power” contest: and the winners are…

ui update: what's new, what's coming

pannderings: so much to celebrate

pre-alpha 1.3: enter the ranger

pre-alpha 2.0: siege perilous overview

contest: “the sign of a hero”

contest: "glory, wealth & power"

ace q&a for march: a lot of ways to be a badass

mmorpg.com: hunger dome “exceeds expectations”

exclusive offer: mini-bundles are here!

go go, ranger powers!

founders' update: toppling castle walls

tweaks and balances

“captioning crows”: and the winners are…

first look: ranger powers & ui

pannderings: all the new things

contest: captioning crows

cfc: interview with dave greco

“a crowfall world”: and the winners are…

in a brave new world where heroes will roam...

reminder: these sales are ending soon

founders’ update: innovation is risky

austin to australia: server setup magic

contest: “a crowfall world”

massively op: world building exclusive

pannderings: playing for keeps

mmorpg.com: econ 4024

mmorpg.com: a child born of two mothers

ace q&a for february: currency & skills

founders’ update: testing, tees and tapp-in a hat

from ace with love: valentine e-cards

unveiling the skill trees

skills faq: how to train your crow

founders’ update: client controller fix incoming!

equipping the ranger

fly on the wall: castle building, part 3

a murder of crows: vlad judys

fly on the wall: castle building, part 2

fly on the wall: castle building, part 1

terms of use revisions and more

new ek parcels builder faq

mmorpg.com: the fun, yet gruesome, facts about vessels

illara and the gathering of the gods

ace q&a for january

crowfall.com offline monday morning

archetype focus: the ranger

founders' update: happy new year!

maeve, empress of the sea

the final 24 hours!

kronos the watcher, lord of time

founders' update: playtests resume january 6

the big reveal: crows and vessels

the oath he took

i fight for him

founders’ update: quick reminders

just as it started

in pain and blood…

mmorpg.com: the artcraft school of integrity

the state of the game

what does it mean?!

it’s bitcoin day!

founders' update: year-end wrap-up

systems chat i: intro to systems design

ready… aim… speculate!

founder’s update – testing 2.0: siege perilous!

sneak peek: crowfall comic book

"murder" and more

faq: skills and skill trees

thomas blair on the hunger podcast

who are these people: 2015 survey results, pt. 2

founders' update: defining "pre-alpha"

ace q&a for december

mmorpg.com: hunger dome 2.0 - a colorful and dangerous new world

pre-alpha 1.1 combat testing schedule for week of nov. 30

malekai, lord of shadows

sprint xi milestone: a video recap

combat playtest schedule for week of nov. 23

bonus update: the weekend warriors

mmorpg.com: getting up to speed with artcraft

combat chat vi: what's new in pre-alpha 1.1?

founders' update: pre-alpha 1.1 - in living color!

mmorpg.com: what kind of people are interested in crowfall?

who are these people: 2015 survey results, pt. 1

hero, the first crow

tth exclusive: coleman on crowfall lore

founders' update: "hey, where is my test?"

founders' update: what will your crowfall legacy be?

making combat & customization both challenging & entertaining

ace q&a for november: archers, burrowers and teleporters

halloween sale!

founders' update: twenty-three thousand thank yous!

and the 2015 cawstume contest winners are...

a murder of crows: billy garretsen

equipping the champion

cawstume contest voting begins

video: we created a monster

first look: champion powers and ui

crowfall store goes international

founders' update: we're listening!

hunger dome 1.0 data analysis postmortem

crowfall cosplay "cawstume" contest

zaleena, daughter of snakes

ace q&a for october

first look: castles!

founders’ update: the final four

combat chat v

hunger dome 1.0 to end friday

whispers, dark wings and murder

founders' update: ace in eu and more

hunger dome 2: we ain’t got time to bleed

yaga, goddess of magic

founders' update: scaling up

cybele, the virgin goddess

of gods and mortals

founders' update: great stuff is happening!

character creation and hotkeys

ace q&a for september

founders' update: these are exciting times!

combat milestone 1: the path to playtesting

combat chat iv: the hunger dome

founders' update: pre-alpha news!

ui update: billy's new toys

crowd control and teamwork

founders gift guild halls

legionnaire powers and animation

founders' update: capital raise

animation techno mumbo jumbo

founders’ update: upgrades & t-shirts

knight powers & new animations

ace q&a for august

first look: confessor in action!

combat chat 3: powers q&a

meet the vfx team

a castle, a keep and a crow

founders' update: state of the nation

first look: legionnaire powers

yomi: "spies of the mind"

first look: confessor powers

road to combat playtesting: part 1

founders' update: the 411 from jtc

first look: knight powers and ui

ace q&a for july

combat chat 2, part deux

payment issues extend offer

combat chat 2, part i

founders' update: layaway & last days

armor for all: from rule to choice

combat: no phake physics

founders' update: future stretch goals

the legionnaire: tactical support

$2 million!

three days left!

ace q&a for june

the confessor: the flame of truth

2fa: protecting what’s yours

fifty shades of greyboxing

founders’ update: business stuff

meet the combatants

combat: finding the fun

founders update: under the surface

archetype update: the centaur

a change to our forums

eternal kingdom q&a

fortification concepts released!

harder, faster, stronger, better

buy crowfall for a friend!

coin of the realm

combat chat

state of the web/forums/store

milestone 1: combat testing

customizing your kingdom

stretch goal achieved!

creature feature: the wyvern

no bull, here's the myrmidon

job openings at ace

pledge package upgrades available

the crowfall budget question

thralls: ghosts in the machine

state of the service/web

war stories

city sieging explored

female ranger revealed

a message from the founders

the wave of the future


final day!

48 hours remain: new goals!

$1.4 million - minotaur's!

$1.3 million in pledges!

eternal kingdoms

13k backers! new goal unlocked!

crowfall in the top 20!

stretch goal #3 announced!

half way point!

character progression

skill training faq is here!

$1 million goal unlocked!

we're using unity 5!

campaign export rules + poster

war of the gods (part 1)

goal achieved! 800k pledged!

day 3 - announcing stretch goals!

kickstarter is now live!

game of thrones artists on crowfall

today, and tomorrow

physics + double archetype drop!

voxel farm & elken stalkers!

the confessor, god history & pricing

the knight comes... with music?

hunger week - day 4!

hunger week concludes!

update from the founders

hunger week - day 3!

hunger week - day 2!

hunger week - it's about time

forgemaster, world rules & resources

introducing the legionnaire & faq

universe, economy & raph koster!

call the banners concept

templar model+ concept

character creation reveal

city siege concept

13th jan 2015



Edited by Tinnis


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9 hours ago, Ranik said:

Take some awesome combat footage that is relatively clean and straightforward and not too much of a cluster-f@*! that people can't understand what's happening. I'm sure if we make gifs / webm's out of it and post it on places like Imgur we can also do a little to promote the game / pimp our guilds at the same time on places like imgur. 


Not a bad idea @DocHollidaze

The idea of something is often much better a marketing tool than showing the actual thing itself.

Personally, I find the story and imagery of this comic they made more interesting than the current gameplay.

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Holy hell. Yes, please, more of this thing that I saw forever ago and entirely forgot about.

Kinda reminds me of FreakAngels, which had a pretty similar aesthetic and a similarly rabid following.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Pre-alpha <--this is where we are. If your complaint is that the game don't not works good, come back later.

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