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Yskonyn opens the door en steps into the warm Tavern...


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...snowflakes desperately flow in seeking warmth to end their life as the door falls shut behind Yskonyn.
He takes a moment to let his eyes adjust to the light inside the densly filled establishment. He takes in the people and beings present. Then nods contently and walks over to an empty chair at a table standing at the far wall of the Tavern.

He drops his backpack on the ground. A bulbous object rests inside. Yskonyn notices that red fluid is dripping from the backpack. He shifts the backpack to rest on top of the puddle as he shifts his eyes from left to right to tell if anyone noticed.

While sitting down he unclips the scabbard on his back housing his two-hander. The impressive blade gets set against the wall safely between the wall and the adventurer.

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