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Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

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Oathsworn [NA] 

Bound by Oath, Sworn in blood

Oathsworn is a newly formed guild made for Crowfall, with the a more classical approach to guilds in MMOs. 


The general focus for the Oathsworn, is to provide a close knit community to it's members. Built from the ground up by you and future recruits. We will be focusing on both the ever changing Campaign Worlds and the more permanent Eternal Kingdom. This guild is not intended to be a hardcore/elitist  guild, there are plenty enough of those already. Instead the Oathsworn is here for those that like to focus on comradeship, creativity, and long lasting friendships. Sure that may sound like puppies and rainbows to some. But the core of it is meant to rekindle the old school meaning of guilds. Forge with us, an old path, one which has been forgotten. 

Within the Campaign Worlds, the Oathsworn will dedicate to the Guild vs Guild and Faction War bands primarily. Of course members are still welcome to join any other Campaign Worlds as they wish. However main guild operations will take place in those two bands. We will be gathering, crafting and fighting as a cohesive guild lead by intelligent and experienced leaders. Be prepared to help your brothers and sisters in arms with whatever playstyle you wish. As we are not a hardcore guild, it's important to note that we are still competitive. Just not to the level of obsession or insanity.


The Oathsworn are the embodiment of these core values. They are the foundation of every member, and those found not upholding could find themselves on trial.

~ Integrity ~ Defined as doing the right thing, even if it could give you trouble. Integrity is a staple in regards to respecting others, rather it be guild members, other players, or game developers. No one should fault you for being truthful as long as you show tact.

~ Honor ~ There will be times where seizing an advantage may cause frustrations to others. That's perfectly acceptable. It's what we do after that, that counts. There is no continuous grieving, no breaking of contracts, and no intentional cause of harm permitted.

~ Selflessness ~ It's as simple as it gets. In a game where players really thrive on group play, having a guild of like minded members that all contribute to the cause is the ultimate reward. Look after the guild, and the guild looks after you.

~ Loyalty ~ All the values mentioned before help instill loyalty to our members. Being in Oathsworn is a promise of dedication to the guild, and it's members. Staying loyal is the best way to establish friendships, and enjoy the game.



Our Eternal Kingdom is more than what may appear to most players. Busy streets full of vendors and crafting tables. Wild lands rich with mystery and lore. Battlegrounds littered with those that hold conflict towards each other. And much more. This is a place not just for an occasional respite from the day to day PvP. But also a place to stage many guild events. Live out stories of mystery and intrigue. Or perhaps partake in a tournament of sorts. There's many thing to do inside the Eternal Kingdom... And it all comes down to the tools set before us and the creativity that follows. Who knows, maybe you'll own a piece of land yourself.



You can read a summary about how Oathsworn was formed in the Crowfall-verse, HERE.



We are currently taking applications for members and officers. There are no Class/Race restrictions. Ages 17+ may apply. If you have any technical skills, I would like to hear from you as well. (website design, musicians, artists) Not all applicants will be accepted, and as the BETA and Launch grow ever closer, our recruitment may slow down or quicken based on a number of factors. 



If the Oathsworn feels like a great place to be when Crowfall launches, click the image above to be sent to an application form. Fill it out thoroughly and thoughtfully. We will be giving interviews, to each applicant that has met our criteria. If you have questions about the guild, feel free to PM me, or ask on this page.





Edited by Noc.

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@Traximus Ahh another game creator! Haha it's always fun for me to make board games. And have my D&D group playtest them. I know they are bias towards it, but it's still fun to play games that I've created. And thank you for the compliment.


I do have the application up and running. So all those interested should be able to click the "Click Here To Apply" button. 


Greatly appreciate the feedback everyone.

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With the narrative of Crowfall involving our character -actually our spirit- being nontraditional, I'm curious to see what people come up with as their Origin Story. As in, what did your character do in their first life, to be recognized by the Gods and made their Champion. As an RP friendly/encouraged guild, we love to hear of various exploits that your character may have undertaken. And since there is no "before the crow" part of the game (which I think would be a gnarly tutorial for the first time logging in) we are free to make up these stories.

Something to think about. And if you wish to share, by all means send me a PM with your story, I'd love to read it. If you wish to bring your concept into Oathsworn as a guild, I'm sure we can figure out a way for you to help craft the Guild Lore. 

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I want to welcome @AhSpike @entityofsin @Jimbolini @Kee @grimbjorn @Reinmar & @KrissDWilcox to Oathsworn. They are the first of many to brave this new guild. 


If you have questions about Oathsworn, feel free to post them or ask me with a PM. If you're looking to be a part of something awesome from the very beginning, then by all means click HERE to apply! 


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I've only been in the guild for a short while, but everyone is pretty darn dandy- if you're on the fence about applying, take the plunge! <:

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