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Backer Entitlement questions

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Good day, fellow Crows. I have a few questions about the unearthly rewards that are waiting for me.

First, with regard to Beta Access, there's some unclear text in the Entitlements list. In the order listed in the Entitlement page, I have:

  • Play Test SP Access Entitlement
  • play-test-6
  • Play Test 3 Participant
  • Play Test 2 Access Participant
  • Beta 2
  • Play Test 3 Access Entitlement
  • play-test-5
  • Beta Group 2
  • play-test-4
  • Beta Group 6

As you can see, the wording is all over the place, inconsistent in the extreme. On top of that, I've got a few that SEEM to be the same thing... but because of the inconsistent wording, I can't tell. Are any of these Alpha access? Are play-test-6 and Beta Group 6 the same thing? What's the difference between Play Test 3 Participant and Play Test 3 Access Participant? Beta 2 vs. Beta Group 2?

On a similar matter (but slightly more clear), there's the Parcels available to me. I have (in alphabetical order):

  • [Testing Copy] Cottage
  • [Testing Copy] Fort Lodge
  • [Testing Copy] Parcel Shire Rank 1
  • [Testing Copy] Small Fort Pack
  • [Testing Copy] Lodge Accessory Pack
  • [Testing Copy] Woodland Grove Parcel
  • [Testing Copy] Woodland Hills Parcel
  • [Testing Copy] Woodland Stream Parcel
  • Farmland Parcel (standard)
  • Woodland Grove Parcel (rank 1)

If I understand this correctly, the only parcels I'll have when the game launches are the Farmland and Woodland Grove parcels, and the rest are only for playtesting purposes, correct? What is the difference between a "Standard" parcel and a "rank 1" parcel? Does that imply that the Woodland Grove can be improved?

It should be obvious that I think that the Entitlements list should be better organized and more consistent in wording for similar things.  =¬_¬=

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The testing entitlement system is confusing, mostly because access group (currently beta 3 or higher) does not equal testing phase (pre-alpha). Definitely could have been more clearly named :lol:.  We are at the point now where everyone that owns a pledge bundle has access to the LIVE testing environment. So you should be able to download and playtest:


Email support@crowfall.com if you have any issues or questions.

All parcels/buildings labeled with "Testing Copy" were granted for you to use temporarily in your Eternal Kingdom during the current testing phase. At launch, only the items you purchased or that were part of your pledge bundle will be available to use.


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rank 1 if I am not entirely wrong is indeed that it is a basic parcel and should be possible to use it as an ingredient to craft a bigger parcels (it wont be easy to do so would need at least several rank 1's for a single rank2 and a bunch of other mats as well)

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