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[Black Market] The Masters of Crafting {EU} >18+<

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On 18.2.2018 at 6:33 PM, LordBrooke said:


Would be interested in discussing joining the guild. I am planning a crafter and i was an early stage backer.


be good to talk in game. Name is LordBrooke


Or one discord.



Just come to our discord. There will be someone you can talk to or at least write to :)
If you haven't already done so


Kind regards

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Just adding this note, if your dropping by our discord please say hi, it would help us know who has pop'd by to check us out or join. We are growing at a healthly rate and so this is becoming a slight issue and we would rather not have to add a bot to control discord corpse generation :D.

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Patch 5.6 is live and we need more people to build our "Black Market" Eternal Kingdom.

Everyone is welcome in our Guild. 
But if you are interested in gathering resources and crafting stuff, you will fit perfectly in our Guild :)


Patch 5.6 ist live und wir brauchen mehr Leute um unser "Black Market" Eternal Kingdom aufzubauen.

Jeder ist Willkommen.
Aber wenn du mehr ein Sammler und Hersteller bist, dann wirst du perfekt in unsere Gilde passen :)

MfG / Kind Regards


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Wow already have been a Year, since this Guild was created. 

We have now 31 Official Members.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this Guild and the Crafting System.

And to interested lonely Crows that might want to join. 

If you are interested in crafting, farming or anything special let us know. We have the "Manpower" to support you and Guide you thorough this pretty complex game.

Even if at the moment we are waiting 4 new Updates.


Sincerely Co-Leader 

Jibril Senpai

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