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[Goon Squad] Forever Closed


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17 minutes ago, EdlenLukraine said:

I knew there had to be more. :)

1st try.



Thanks for the invite!

Well done! I thought it might have been a little bit easy, I'll make sure to make the next one tougher!




I will be keeping the EK up until midnight Pacific time (In about 4 hours from this post), at which point I'll be ending this contest. Four more months of VIP are still up for grabs!



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Just now, Nahlbar said:

woo made it

Watching you whiff that last jump twice was legitimately painful, I'm glad you made it. I've sent you the token, you should be able to see it on your Backer Rewards section on the main crowfall.com account page.



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I just want to officially congratulate [T]Tantalus for absolutely owning my jumping puzzle. I was too lazy to test if you could teleport to the end of it, and lo and behold: you could. OsirianLegacy won a 3 VIP Token Bug Bounty and Knack2 won a token for being smart enough to ask if they were allowed to cheat, then cheating themselves to the end before I banned it.  

Of [T]. Nahlbar was the only one to legitimately beat it! What a bunch of cheaters! ;) Counting myself (who clearly doesn't count), EdlenLukraine, and Torlok of Cremillia that makes 3! Fret not, there is still time, just not much!


To restate: For the next 2.5 hours, anyone going to the Goon Squad EK ingame, and beating the jumping puzzle will be sent one VIP token by me, through the Crowfall Account page. This is not a scam.

Edit: No teleports unless it's an actual exploit, then as long as you prove you submitted it to Artcraft I'll send you the token.

3 hours ago, OsirianLegacy said:

That was super fun, even though I kind've cheated to get onto the tower ;) 

Fantastic work! You totally cheated, but I said that was fine! Thanks again for being awesome!

Edited by Hi.
Ending contest



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And with one last jumper who got in *right* under the wire (I actually left the EK open a bit past the cutoff so they could finish), our first and only Centaur jumper completed the puzzle to win my last VIP. Congrats Xerathoul!

Also congrats to Emranth, MJayed, and Dorlok (I'm sorry if I got your name wrong, this one was from memory!), who also managed to finish the puzzle and win a token over the course of the night. I think that was everyone, if I missed you, I'm sorry!

I ended up spending twice as many tokens as I had intended once it was all said and done, but it was a wonderful time and a great turnout for a surprise April Fool's event. Thank you so much for everyone who came out!

Edited by Hi.



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