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The Pagan is here!


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My ign for CF is Pagan31, I am 26 years old, on US East, in the beta 2 group, and so far am a Guinea knight but that will most likely be changing when all the classes and races are released. I have played hundreds of different mmo's, rpgs, survival, community, and what Im very big into is RTS specifically castle building. I am a hardcore player, i like to pvp, craft, do guild/community events. I have ran guilds/clans/corporations and followed and assisted many others. I will be getting into the stone masonry for the skill set so if anyone is going to need a fortress/castle/palisade/town/city planner and builder im your man. I have discord/curse/teamspeak and only speak english. I hate when people cheat in games instead of playing them the way they are meant to be played. I work night shift right now so my play time during my work days from 4-10 pm and all day on my days off being wednesday/thursday. I tend to go heavily into the unwanted classes and find ways to make them op, mostly mages or shielded tanks. I am also big into crafting so if you need anything besides the stonemasonry that i will be doing let me know i'd be happy to oblige. Looking for a competitive clan/guild and hopefully an 18+ community. Feel free to message me and ask me anything you want to know about me or just want to talk to someone.

Have a good one,

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