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What's the deal with SEA or China specific servers


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I am hyped for this game, have a bunch of friends ready to play, all foreigners living in China with way too much time on our hands. Does China have it's own server or client? is there a China specific website? I saw there would be region specific pricing, will that be available at this URL?

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10 hours ago, miraluna said:

There has occasionally been a SEA test server located in Singapore, I don't know when/if this server will be available again. China licensing and publishing arrangements are still to be decided.

Firstly thanks for the reply!

I saw in the fund allocation menu there will be beta servers located in Asia. will China be region locked out? Will pledge along with quite a few others TOMORROW if know we'll actually be able to play with half decent latency during  beta



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Welcome to the forums.

The next area to be "conquered" ;) will probably be russia, since the russian localization was a part of the kickstarter promises. As far as an Asian Crowfall is concerned, we don't have official news. But like Miraluna said, we already had game tests on a server in Singapore. Those test did run on "this" Crowfall client. In such cases ACE just provided a specific local Campaign Worlds in the campaign menu (same for Frankfurt (EU) or Sydney (AUS)).

As far as I know, China tends to be a bit more complicated when it comes to international business cooperation. So i'd guess that it probably would come to some kind of licencing for a chinese company if this is an option for ACE - but we don't know yet. However, ACE already stated that IF such a thing would happen, those game universes would most probably be parted from the Nort-American/EU game environment. Or in other words, up to now they only confirmed that NA and EU will be able to play together in one "Universe". 

In any case, pledging now should not affect you negatively and in the past, ACE promised (for EU players) that if you buy a pledge you will be able to also play on your local servers. 

If not sure about this, i would suggest to contact support@crowfall.com and ask the more specific questions their. For ... if someone knows the perfect answers, it's them. ;)

Hope this helps.


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