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Pigs can't fly?


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5 minutes ago, Tinnis said:

Good, but you obviously need to move on to human testing! :P

And try out a trick shot!

Human testing comes after the Guinecean trials, but yes I'm definitely doing some more silly stuff with this - more bombs/nados, funny patterns and squealing test subjects :lol: 


P.S. I know those videos! The bomb + whirlwind explosion would actually be a pretty epic combo if you got the timing down-pat B) 

Edited by Xarrayne

P.S. Grr Winterblades ūü¶Ć


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On 21.12.2017 at 2:41 AM, Tinnis said:

And try out a trick shot!

pfff. you did it with multiple skills. I did it with one year ago




ps. nice trick with bombs. best info here is fall damage

Edited by makkon

crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

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