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Phoenix ex Fortuna means Phoenix of Fortune, a Phoenix as most know is a mythical bird that if it is killed is reborn from the ashes and rises again, Fortuna is the bringer of fortune or the Decider of what fortune you will receive.  So to break it down [PHOENIX] is the unkillable deciders of your fortune or fate :) or as I would put it more simply 'Fire gods' 

New guild starting out over here.  Looking for people to have fun, learn and play the game together with.  Since Ultima Online, the only games I really got in to since was DAoC (Dark Ages of Camelot) and Archeage, I tried rift for a couple months but lost interest.  I like all the new concepts here and going to have to figure out the non grind type of game play.  However, that may be beneficial so my wife doesn't kill me for staying up all night grinding out that next skill point :)

Anyway, young or old as long as you are in it to have fun, chill, relax and are not easily offended then this is a good group for you :)

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Note, we will also have a 120 EK (Eternal Kingdom) already sitting and waiting for placement :)  Let's have some fun together.

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