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Types of campaign evolution

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As campaign progress, the mobs should get stronger, become more dangerous and even a threat in all-out pvp matches.
The known one: Hunger - some shadowy (maybe tied with ice powers or lose of warmth/emotions/care) infestation.
But what about more? As far as i know every campaign will turn from bad to worse because campaign world is dying and being infested by dark force turning it more and more hostile until it ends in some cataclysmic event.
So, here is my suggestion for more types of evolution (and some lore-crafting) and expansion of the current one.

  1. The Hunger (ice+undeath) - as the world comes close to death, the undeath starts infesting and twisting the world. Balance of life and death shifts to the side of death thus living creatures (not blessed by crows) starts turning into undeads. Infected beings lose warmth (literally and figuratively) and sings of life, but hunger for them. They turn to cannibalism and starts hunting for any living flesh to survive and get back some of the warmth they lost. However, nothing will satiate the hunger for life and the more they eat the more warmth they lose. Bigger and stronger undead monstrosities appear and spread breathing out the cold air of the grave and hunting for any signs of life in the dying world. [Opposite of Converge and Rage]
  2. The Rage (fire+shadow) - as world lose life and warmth the inhabitants of the world turns to all means to remain the world alive. Living creatures (not blessed by crows) turn to worshiping and spreading hellish flames to breath new life into the world and halt the dying of the world, but as this fire spreads so the shadow of madness clouding the minds of creatures and twisting them with fear and rage. To beings twisted by the shadow everyone is either with them or against them, and as the rage grows in them so the desperate hunger for power and dominance. Delving into dark magic, hellish fire and similar forbidden powers to save themselves and kill anyone who they deem to be a threat. [Opposite of Hunger and Terror]
  3. The Convergence (nature+transformation) - as the world is dying the living creatures turn to artificial life to support their dying world. Creating bizarre plants to shine with the light and life onto everyone nearby, but also slowly twisting living beings (not blessed by crows) with madness and transforming them slowly into some sort of plant-animal hybrids. Beings slowly transformed by these new artificial plants slowly joins a hive mind which demands more and more followers thus causing infected beings hunt for anyone who aren't infected. As infected beings and artificial plants spread they siphon more and more life from the world creating even more and more mutated monstrosities to spread infestation to turn the whole world into one single hive and one single living creature. [Opposite of Hunger, Rage and Terror]
  4. The Terror (iron+madness) - to beings living in a dying world the only solution to survive came in an idea. Idea that mortals could become immortal and survive the death of the world turning into being similar to stoneborn. Fear of dying push living beings (not blessed by crows) further further to this idea and some eventually start performing bizarre rituals turning living beings into metal creatures (metaltouched) who aren't living or dead. but instead somewhere in between similar to stoneborns. However, beings turned into this type of beings drive them insane. Mad with power, mad with fear, mad in general, these new being are unpredictable, hostile and powerful, and have no moral compass so turning unwilling living creatures into metal creatures against their will looks perfectly acceptable to metaltouched. Creating machines of wars, crafting gates into other worlds to attack them and ravaging anyone not of their kind is perfectly acceptable to them. As times goes by and the world comes close to death the metaltouched creates even more powerful and dangerous machines of war (is steam-punk machines allowed here?). [Opposite of Rage and Convergence]

Now, you may ask what does the opposite of X might mean in description of everyone of these four. That should give one of these options:

  1. Two opposing evolutions can exists in one world creating power dynamic between players and environment meaning that if players holds greater opposition against X, then Y will grow faster and eventually takes over X. Example: Hunger and Rage infects the world. Players mainly do activities, fighting, gathering, etc in areas affected by hunger. Mobs get farmed and often completely wiped out from certain areas. That would weaken Hunger in the campaign and cause Rage to grow in power causing it to infect larger portion of the campaign, spawn more and stronger enemies, dictate the course of campaign, etc.
  2. Two opposing evolutions can't exists in one world. That would mean that if X does not oppose Y, then they both can exists at the same time, creating more combinations and gameplay variations. Example: Rage and Convergence existing in the same campaign could create new type of enemies, create new terrains and provide new type of material to farm from enemies. Also, it could mean that the campaign will deteriorate faster (turn more hostile), but remain active for longer period of time, or the opposite of that. 
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those changed into these
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Well this sounds like the role that the changing of seasons are supposed to have, though in a slightly different way I guess, with as the seasons progressed from spring to summer, to autumn and finally winter the worlds are supposed to become more dangerous and resources more scarce

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25 minutes ago, Gummiel said:

Well this sounds like the role that the changing of seasons are supposed to have, though in a slightly different way I guess, with as the seasons progressed from spring to summer, to autumn and finally winter the worlds are supposed to become more dangerous and resources more scarce

And isn't that tied with whole concept of Hunger currently?

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I dont know, i got a big PvE vibe from those. I would love a little more PvE related gameplay on Crowfall but these sounds to me like it would shift the focus from PvP. I mean the idea is cool but it is totally unrelated to PvP while also being a fairly large undertake IMO.

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