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Crowfall Guild recruitment for guild gamerology_net


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hi welcome on behalf of gamerology_net we were wondering if you are interested in joining our Guild 

if you are interested please go to the following link for more information we already have our own voice chat server

and we're working on more stuff as we come along 

we already purchased some stuff that would help us out with the guild such as Relics and buildings

more info can be found in the link below we're hope you're willing to join us and let's have fun play the game



Crowfall Guild recruitment

if you’re interested in joining our Guild please send us an email with your crowfall account name ( AKA User name ) so we can add you to our guild list
Email : gamerology@hotmail.com

we also have our own voice chat server and we’re working out some more stuff along the way


already available items for Guild

  • Arkon Greatsword Relic
  • Golden Dragon Altar Relic
  • Reserve Guild Name
  • Fort Lodge
  • Keep Greathall ?
  • Parcel Woodland Creek
  • Parcel Woodland Grove
  • Guild Master : 2017 Sapphire Bundle

Guild Master

2017 Sapphire Bundle

  • Access to Alpha 1 and all subsequent tests
  • 12 months of VIP membership
  • Allows you to post on the Crowfall forums!
  • Digital copy of Crowfall
  • Thanks in the credits as a 2017 Sapphire Patron
  • 2017 Sapphire Avatar Frame
  • 2017 Sapphire Forum Badge
  • All 2017 Badges and Frames up to Sapphire level
  • Copy of Digital Soundtrack
  • Copy of Digital Art Book
  • Quarterhorse summoning figurine
  • Warhorse summoning figurine
  • Nightmare summoning figurine
  • Two cottages for your personal kingdom
  • Bonus tax-free parcels of land for your personal kingdom – 10 Total
  • One cathedral, dedicated to the god of your choice, for your personal kingdom
  • A Small Keep for your personal kingdom and the starting title of Knight or Lady


here is our twitch link and our YouTube channel



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