5.3.4 Playtest Feedback and Bug Reports for 2 January 2018

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44 Days on next pip train in runemaking node... i know its probably wrong, but have been experiencing a lot of issue with skill tree and skills stopping training before they finish a pip/node... and not even talking about the time bank not engaging... that's a whole other issue..  



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why weird bugs ignored for years? actually I am bored to repeat some if it again and again.

  • crash damage through pulverize - almost every single fight I try it is exist 1 time or more.
  • after furious slash 2 using berserker didnt show up UI meter
  • punch drunk still mess with berserker UI meter

if p1 is hard to repeat sometimes, p2 and p3 100% reproduceable

I remember this problems goes from the beggining of the big world or related disciplines implemented. if you can't handle it, remake mechanic to something else you can handle. anyway this stupid mechanic makes this class unplayable piece of meat with <20fps with huge battle and current CC amount.


if most of this related to the ping, so bring back EU map somehow. at least on live. 180 + ping with current amount of bugs sometimes is unplayabletestable for some classes.


instead of remaking UI to every time more and more ugly and inconvenient, bring us movable UI elements which saved after logout. sorry, login for a couple of hours after a long break to try it out, find some decent players and can't fight em on the worthy side coz CF 3.0 weird bugs still there.....


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On 1/14/2018 at 3:16 AM, Nelvah said:

Game is slow paced and a "Harvest Simulator". Seems all I'm doing is harvesting to get better gear then harvesting again. Also the crafting menu's need to be simplistic. It's a bit weird navigating through everything just to craft a different type of pick axe. More importantly Gear shouldn't rely that heavily on only harvesting. If you guys were looking to make a harvesting simulator I think you did well. Seems people just get on for 2 hours to mine/cut trees to upgrade gear and then get killed by some one who mines/cut trees for longer.


I can see this happening. Already getting annoyed that I'm going around having fun, dying 6-8 times in fun fights then having to spend around an hour gathering and crafting just to go out there and have fun again. I don't mind the inv being looted that's part of the fun but something needs to be sorted about the duration loss on death, its far to high and just makes a pointless loop which makes the game boring.

You should be able to repair an item X amount of times before its regarded useless or 5 point duration loss per death, not 10% ( which I think it is atm), this means an item will last a nice amount of time (even longer if you get to make a large duration item) allowing you to have more fun without the constant loop issue.



 I agree 100%. Here is a similar post I  made a few days ago when discussing the current high amounts of harvesting required to make gear, high durability loss on death, and the current lack of rewarding pvp: 


"...I remember in a video Blaire made a comment along the line of: people would make these awesome +10 swords, but never use them because they didn't want to lose them on death, so they would just use their crappier gear (this isn't the exact quote, but it was the same overall concept). CF needs to not be that.. gear needs to be fairly easy to replace and without such high durability loss on death.


Also the game needs more ways to encourage/reward PvP. I know some systems are still in the works for this, but I think a fairly easy and fun addition would be people dropping body parts on death (i.e., Mykro's ear) and these are used in creating vessels and/or potions.


Lastly the campaign map (tyranny) is way too big for testing purposes -- its not fun to run around 30 minutes just to find a fight. 

Everyone says "well this is PRE-ALPHA!!" yes that is true, but they want to release this game within the year, and currently the game isn't retaining people because it simply is not fun. It is just 24/7 harvesting and a few minutes of PvP here and there. Changes will come, I am sure of it, but people need to have fun playing a game (even in the pre-alpha setting), for a game to meet its highest level of long term success. If the game turns off a lot of people now, some of those people will never return, and will probably also discourage their friends from trying the game.

I say this all because I want CF to succeed, but right now the game is not fun, and that is why the testing servers are essentially dead. Sorry to be frank, but sugar coating feedback and creating a group-think environment that everything is great and dandy is a dangerous potential pitfall for any company."

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