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Perfect World is Crowfall's Chinese publisher?

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I'm just going to say what's on my head right now, no editing or planning. I am a Chinese born, American-Chinese and I visit China every year, usually staying there for about a month. I know Crowfall's vision is that they don't plan to cater towards everyone, but I just want to let this out. In China, very few people owns a home PC, yet they have a profound esports culture. How is this possible? Internet bars. I've visited various internet bars before, from the luxurious ones with massaging chairs to internet bars that were extremely unsanitary, and reeked of cigarette smells. The bosses/managers of these internet bars, aren't gamers. They're only in it for the easy money because of the Chinese people's addiction to games, they do not care what games are on their public computers besides popular titles. Here's the catch though, Tencent is basically Steam but for the Eastern world (China anyways), and it pretty much publishes every big game titles from the Western world (DOTA, LoL, WoW, Hearthstone, Starcraft, Tera, you name it) All these PC bar owners have to do, is simply have TCP downloaded (Tencent's Steam is called TCP I believe, I can't recall what it means or stood for) and wait for the money to roll in. With this in mind, I find it very hard to see that Crowfall would gain a significant playerbase from China without Tencent being their publisher. It's even possible that Tencent will never even consider publishing Crowfall, they have a history of only investing into games they see huge potential in (for example right now: PUBG, they already released two mobile versions of the game just recently.)


Edit: To sum it up, the people in China plays their games on internet bars, but the owners of these internet bars only use games from Tencent. Perfect World is a Chinese publisher, but I have never recognized any of their games in any of the internet bars I've played in.

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This is a good place to ask a question that has being around im my mind for a while.

How many eastern people actualy knows of crowfall? I am from south america and i have seen NA, EU and AUS people but that is it. You are actually the first eastern person i see on this forum (even though you are american-chinese) so how big is the potential for CF on the east? Maybe i havent searched hard enough (i didnt search at all) but it is kinda weird to not see a single eastern soul around.

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I looked into 10c and I really don't like them. They have their hand in nearly all of the gaming businesses.

but if many internet bars/cafe's wont download the game then it might be a necessity.

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现在有家用PC的人已经很多了。现在在中国,有两种玩家,一种是游戏发行商给什么他们玩什么的玩家,另一种是追寻自己喜欢的游戏和体验的玩家,现在中国的游戏文化有糟粕的部分也有正在向成熟进发的部分。另外Tencent games真的是个很糟糕很该死的游戏发行、代理商。

如果需要中国市场,不需要在中国代理发行,你只需要上线 chinese subtitle。至于为什么,ESO就是很好的例子。

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well as long as the investors get their peace of the pie :)

Though, regardless of how this works out as far as chinese publishers, it's good news because just about a year ago some serious barriers got put up as far as doing business in china.

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