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Spicing Up Maps With Adventure Parcels - Official Discussion Thread

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39 minutes ago, jonnycab said:

Hi Tinnis,

You are correct , Gaia is the name of the program we use with Unity terrain. In regards on how it works, it uses Unity's terrain height map to allow me to sculpt and stamp out the various looks of the terrain.  Unfortunately when using height maps you can't fold in on itself or carve down inside itself (like a cave). You can only really pull up or down. But fear not, we have solutions for a cave system. :)

Now that the initial "building" parcels (which were more flat and open for placement of buildings) are done, we're making these "Adventure Parcels" . As you can see by adding in different types of rocks, rock edges, large scale objects, generally more interesting pocketed areas of stuff we are finally able to get a more varied look to the terrain and adding much more land depth as you put it. We'll have more on this later. We have some cool idea's to really push the terrain so it doesn't look the same everywhere. It's very challenging though, because everything has to always stitch up to another parcel (and look goodish).  So as you can imagine , it can get out of hand very quickly if you're not careful when designing these out. 

In regards to your Canyon example. I finally now have the ability to raise the edges of parcels to a different heights. For example: Atm our swamp and canyon goes from level then up then back down to level. I now have the ability to take the edges of the terrain, raise them up to a new height and make that the new ground level. So when you run into that parcel you''re at ground level...before it goes down so you get a true canyon or bog/swamp. This might seem minor or insignificant but it was actually quite challenging to do this because we needed to have it stitch back to other terrains correctly. So I'll be going back and fixing the swamp and canyon parcels. 


thanks for the details!


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On 4/1/2018 at 6:01 PM, Tinnis said:

Will there be any rulesets that revolve around goodies from such adventure zones as more of a focus rather than siege etc?

It would be nice, and doesn't seem hard to create. Could be as win conditions, but could also be as impactful changes on the campaign.

Hold 5 sacred shrines for 7 days to summon your gods power, increasing your factions health by 25%.

Sacrifice the 12 cursed relics to unleash a storm of hunger shards on the enemy stronghold.

Free/Kidnap the crown heir of a neutral NPC's faction to get their alleigance. Caravans with resources will start traveling from time to time between the vassal state and it's holder.


Also, it would be nice to have urban parcel sets, either a "live" city or the ruins of an old one long forgotten. And could allow enough diversity to form multiple sets: tall buildings with narrow passages, a market square in front of a main building, large avenues with walled manors, a river with only a couple brigdes splitting the town in two,...

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On 5/1/2018 at 9:46 PM, Frykka said:

not for eks silly...   these and the POIs that go into them are for Campaign World map building only...   

in other words  You (still) get nothing!                                                 edit: without earning it through risk

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have an "only-basic-loot" version of those sets for EKs... ;)

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On 1/9/2018 at 12:20 PM, srathor said:

A Village set would be cool.

A ruined village maybe?  Overrun with a few giants that made their home in the ruin village?  Or a score of risen which were formally the towns villagers?  These adventure parcels could be built a multitude of ways I hope!

   Official Moderator of the Unofficial Crowfall Discord!  Come join the discussion @ https://discord.me/crowfall

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