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Does RACE actually compliment different lifeskills?

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Good morning

Looking under the race tree, it seems that the different specialist race have addition life-skill ability's you can train in IE: Necromancy skill improvements under half-human... To be an 'elitist jerk theory crafting min maxer' (say that 7 times real fast) do you really have to have a good long hard think about your race prior to deciding what specialization YOU will be ??


thank you in advance.


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most likely gonna be the other way around, that you should think about race you pick after you know what crafting/gathering skill you want to specialise in (also notice how both the 2nd and 3rd tier trees in races have crafting skill, where some may be the same in 2nd and 3rd tier some are different)

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You will see this following “” lore “” to an extent.  Your underfoot will be good at gathering ores, stone, gems while monster/hybrids good at animal skinning, humans good at construction stone/metal crafting stuffs and elevens better at nature wood/spirit stuff.  

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the Attributes move the needle (in a pretty small value) for both crafting and gathering. Below you can see a small amount of the Details page impact for 3 Vessel levels worth of changes adding +1 to Dex, Str and Int.


    Dex 40, Str 32 , Int 20 Dex 40 Dex 41 Str 32 Str 33 Int 20 Int 21
  Reaping 0            
  Skinning 1 1 1.23        
  Digging 0.8     0.8 0.93    
  Mining 0.8     0.8 0.93    
  Quarrying 0.8     0.8 0.93    
  Logging 1 1 1.23        


So race can give you attribute lifts that in turn help specific professions. And if you choose a profession whose attribute lift aligns with that classes Attributes needed for combat you are seeing a good value.

The values are not yet impact-full enough (imho) to override many of the racial advantages, but hey numbers can change


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