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Somebody Likes Me


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You just finished posting seven paragraphs of your detailed thoughts
and nobody responds. And when all seems lost, something special happens...

V. 1
My dog just ran away
My roof leaks in the rain
My kids took all my money
My wife won’t call me honey
I post my thoughts online
And I hear every time

Cho 1:
Nobody likes you
Nobody likes you
Nobody likes you
No matter what

V. 2:

I know I’m usually wrong
But I had to write this song
Just give my post some time
You’ll see that I ‘aint lyin
You may be laughing now
But look it’s there right now

Cho. 2:
James Goblin likes me
James Goblin likes me
James Goblin likes me
No matter what

He liked my poooooooost
He really, really,  liked my pooowooowoost
He really, really, really liked my post
Thank you

The cover art for the Soundcloud image was from Noc's Crowfall merch store here



Edited by Arawulf
Edit: this post was liked by JamesGoblin
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We should dub this JamesGoblin day. @Arawulf has picked the JG tee shirt to be 20% off when he was on the last episode of the Hungercast. Usually the sale ends on the next episode. But we can keep this sale up... forever!

Here's to you JamesGoblin. May you fill all our hearts with your Likes.



Edited by Noc.





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