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Alternate means to obtain advanced resources

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This topic is to possibly start a conversation to provide a means for entry level resources to be obtained.  I’m not talking about slag/knotwood/cobblestone but non-white/green items like iron/silver/spruce etc (base tier).  As we all know, currently the only way to obtain advanced resources is to step into the thick of pvp (or play balance and have metals all around your beach head... yes we have wood stone on other side... but it’s in much less of a demand).

what I propose is that slag/knotwood/cobblestone has a method or chance to occasionally obtain a base tier of a random metal/wood/stone.  How this would work would be for a skilled miner (not tier 1 skill tree) to have a small % chance to obtain a random resource on final harvest.  Another possible option is for conneseur to add this option while farming.  

Whats in it for you/me?  

This provides all players a possible path forward for all gear types.  Currently any advanced armors that are not leather require iron or advanced metals.  There is no method to obtain this in a starter area unlike lvl5 leather.  Even on boars you have a chance for green and blue leathers to drop, yet nothing comparable for our mail/plate wearers.  

I can currently mine about 300 slag in half an hour while using harvesting potions and harvesting disciplines.  What if this became 250 slag and the other 50 are a mixture of iron/silver/tin/gold/copper.  This would give you about 1 metal bar ever 30 minutes and at least let’s you consistently progress in crafting and gear progression.

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