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Farms and post testing question


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Oh hi!  So hadn’t messed around with the EK but plan to start some as there are times it’s just easier when lag happens (it’s testing I’m not complaining). With that, my wife and I wanted to start building our honeymoon pad....we already have a gold package and another package as well.  We had looked at picking up other parcels as well and didn’t quite understand what came with a “ farm “  as the description doesn’t offer much.  So that’s my first question... what is a farm and does it offer or will it offer boars or some animal for me to skill test on or to skin like slag/knotwood.

2nd question:  when I’m not online with the gold package, can my wife still access the EK from her account?  I’m thinking like I should be able to give higher permissions or something.  

3rd:  probably a no brainer but all parcels will persist or remain owned after alpha/beta testing and carry over to live play right?

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they haven't talked about creatures and EK, might cause economic loop issues <shrug> - so no, don't expect that to feature animals.

as i understand it a 'farm' is a small parcel (land) that "supports up to one player" - most likely relating to the size/allowance of buildings you can place on the parcel e.g. probably a small cottage can only fit here etc



currently in the testing a world needs to be booted up online by the owner - but will stay online as long as someone is in it before going offline after no one being in it for X time. unknown how such timings will change going forward or if EKs will be up all the time if the owner/no one is present


parcels/buildings will persist and cannot be 'lost' by being using during testing. you also get some 'testing copies' of things as well to mess around with

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Adding to that, just to avoid misunderstandings:

1) There are two parcels with the term "farm" in it. Though they are currently the same when you redeem them in the current test environment, they have different descriptions and different names in the backer reward list.

  • The one you can buy stand-alone in the the parcel section of the shop, named "parcel-farm-rank1", is the smallest stronghold parcel and meant for housing. It's the one Tinnis showed.
  • The one that is/has been part of some bundles (like the Villa upgrade bundle), named "(1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard)", but better known as the tax-free-parcel. Back in 2015 they were meant to reduce the maintenance cost of buildings on an adjacent stronghold parcel. But there haven't been any news or further informations about themsince then, so there is no really secure knowledge about them at all. (But it may be likely that one of their functions will be to just fill otherwise empty space in your EK and to serve as a resource to build other parcels.)

3) Other than the stuff you bought, the additionally provided free things with the pre-fix [TESTING COPY] will not carry over, once the game has launched. They are just for testing.


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