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A lot of new players get frustrated and confused when they log in for the first time to "Early access"

Both the Live and test servers have made a lot of progress since the kickstarter says but the game is not even close to complete.

This is a chance to preview some of the systems and help contribute to the development of the game through testing, reporting bugs, and giving feedback.

Don't expect a complete game. Please pitch in and help make it happen.

www.lotd.org       pking and siege pvp since 1995

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9 hours ago, Gummiel said:

This should be stickied here imo


This almost needs to be a daily/weekly post, but even then it wouldn't stop people from posting certain types of threads... Some people just don't know how to read or process information.

And of course let's not forget to thank all those perma-Alpha/perma-early access games! 


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It should be a post in the testing forums too, for all of those people who keep asking ACE to focus on inefficient things like balance right now.  This issue isn't just something new testers have trouble understanding.  It's something the game has struggled with since the beginning.

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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Maybe something on the main Crowfall page to guide new users on to what the devs current main testing objectives are, and what to try first to contribute towards that.

The main page is really nice but does exude the impression of a game closer to completion.

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